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Sometimes we want to listen to some songs loudly on the mobile, but if our mobile does not support it, we feel sad that the mobile we paid for and bought is not used for this. But here is a great Volume Booster app that can change this.

We have provided many such Volume Booster applications and have created a separate section for them, but we are working on adding more and better applications in the future.

That’s why these articles and we have given a best Volume Booster application, the application was found by the play store and from there play store published it after following the policy. All the information is below seen and benefit, download, and use.

Play Store Booster App Details

App Size3MB
RoleVolume Booster
Nowadays Installs100,00+
Released onDec 22, 2020
Offered ByAbyKaby
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
AddressРоссия, Свердловская область, г. Новоуральск, ул. Ясная д. 16

Turn on the application in the upper right corner and control the sound settings. Main features of Volume Booster Full Pro for Audio and Video:

Volume: amplify the volume of music and video. Increase the volume in speakers and earphones. If the sound is quiet, you can turn up the volume in this app.

Equalizer: adjust five-band EQ, control low frequencies, middle frequencies, and treble intensity. Use equalizer presets for different music genres if you need them.

Bass Booster: boost bass in music and video. Listen to music with a bass boost in headphones to enjoy the sound.

Virtualizer: add surround sound effects to your music.

In the Volume Booster Full Pro for Audio and Video application you can use the following settings:

  • Speaker booster, amp, headphones booster;
  • Video volume enhancer, music volume booster;
  • EQ, 5-band equalizer, frequency controller, eq presets, custom equalizer preset;
  • East booster, low frequencies amplifier;
  • Virtualizer, surround sound effect.

Note: For your comfort, there is a notification in a notification bar, so, you can quickly access the application.

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High Volume Booster Full Pro

How to download android Volume Booster?

We always give you the option to download it only as a recommendation, you can go to play store to download it while following the route and you will get it while traveling.

How does Volume Booster app work?

It works by increasing the volume on your phone by up to 200 times, which is a must if you want to listen to a song at a certain volume or if you want your phone to be loud enough to exceed the volume of a group of people talking.

High Volume Booster Full Pro
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Let’s talk about Volume Booster!

Usually, the mobile that we use may be bought with a lot of money or bought with less money, but still, we are more interested to listen to the song on it. The reason is that our mobiles are the most used for listening to songs (watching videos) nowadays.

So, we will try to listen to some songs loudly on mobile, if we need a good Volume Booster application for that, we must use it, while the application is completely free and available from the best website Play Store, we can use it without delay, recommend it to your friends, right?

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