Touch Guard: Empower Your Device with Touch Disable Mode

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This website article has been created with the intention of helping you to avoid some of the problems that can arise when buying a touch screen mobile that is beautiful to look at.

For example, when we give the mobile to our child, when he puts the mobile in his hands, by unnecessary friction on our mobile.

Touch Disable Mode

What is the Touch Disable Mode Required?

For example, many times when we touch the touch screen on a mobile phone, players, shirts, or when we give our children the opportunity to fingerprint, then we are unexpectedly some rubbings will happen, some things will happen in such moments.

If you look at what those things are? These include opening the camera on our mobile, opening some photos, opening some applications and getting started working.

how to lock android screen from touch

It is very important to prevent things like android screen from touch, especially in some cases where our important information may be deleted, it is necessary to pay attention to this is not a small matter, then your mobile experience will be better.

Although there are many applications for this, we have given below a special Android screen from a touch application from Google’s official website Play Store.

Below is all the additional information about this android screen from touch application, as well as the comments made by its creator.

Below are the answers to all the questions about downloading and using this application, we ask you to read it clearly and benefit from it.

Play Store Details Of Touch Screen Lock App

App Size13M
App RoleTouch Lock
12/2023 Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered Byaasantech
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been irritated due to the accidental clicks when the phone is in your pocket? Do your children take the wrong steps by touching different screens of your phone? Here is the key to your all problems in one place.

Touch Disable is an application for commuters, Students, businesses (Men/Women), elders, and anyone who has a finger trembling disability would find it useful because it allows them to enjoy their device’s display without interruption by preventing unintended operations on the touch screen and buttons.

More Info Of disable touch screen on android

This screen locker helps you to disable your mobile touch screen while listening to music or watching videos. Touch Protector is a touch disabling app to prevent unintended operations on the touch screen.

When kids are using your phone and you are worried about your phone balance or important data, so there is no need to worry anymore because the lock Screen App is here to help you.

Toddler Lock will disable the screen for kids when they are watching a cartoon or a movie etc. they will not be able to back from this on-screen to disturb your important things.

Show Main Key Specialties

After these all settings you will see a small lock on the top of your phone screen, just click that LOCK ICON to block the screen touch.

To Open the Touch Screen double tab on the UNLOCK ICON showing on the screen with dim color effect, and the touch screen will be open with the Pattern/ Pin Lock/ None.

Permissions: Touch Disable Application requires the permission to draw over other apps, by allowing this permission you will see a notification in the notification panel.

LIMITATIONS: Due to the Android Policy, The device’s power button(lock button) cannot be blocked. To disable touching soft keys, you must enable accessibility permission first.

Touch Lock App

How To Use Touch Disable App?

  1. First download this application from the official Google Play Store using the link below
  2. Open The application
  3. Click on the START button
  4. Choose the Unlock Option, Pattern/ Pin Lock/ None
  5. Press the confirm button
  6. Open Draw over other apps option and give permission
  7. Now clicks the DONE Button

(F&Qs) – Touch Disable App

What is Touch Disable App?

Touch Disable App is designed to prevent accidental clicks and unwanted operations on your device’s touch screen and buttons.

It’s especially useful for commuters, students, business professionals, elders, and anyone looking to avoid unintended interactions.

Who can benefit from Touch Disable App?

Commuters, students, business individuals, and those with trembling fingers or children can benefit from this app. It ensures uninterrupted device use by blocking unintended touches.

How does Touch Disable work?

Touch Disable App lets you enable and disable touch functionality with ease. It prevents accidental operations while watching videos, listening to music, or giving your device to kids.

Can I enable/disable the app easily?

Yes, you can start the app service with a single click and stop it with a double tap, ensuring convenient control.

How does Touch Disable App help parents?

Parents can block touch interactions when kids are using the device, preventing accidental actions that could affect phone balance or important data.

Can I use Touch Disable while watching videos or streaming?

Absolutely, you can block screen touch while enjoying videos or streaming content, saving battery life and avoiding interruptions.

How do I use Touch Disable App?

Install the app
Open the application
Click on the START button
Choose an unlock option (Pattern/Pin Lock/None)
Confirm your choice
Grant “Draw over other apps” permission
Click the DONE button

What permissions does the app require?

The app requires the “Draw over other apps” permission to function properly. This permission allows the app to display a notification in the notification panel.

Are there any limitations to the app?

The device’s power button (lock button) cannot be blocked due to Android policy.
To disable touching soft keys, you must enable accessibility permission first.

How can I customize the app settings?

You can customize settings in the app’s menu, tailoring it to your preferences.

How can I give feedback about the app?

If you find our Kid lock app helpful, please leave us a valuable review to let us know your thoughts.

Nowadays Top Review

I hope that with the information found in our website article you will have the opportunity to prevent some unnecessary friction on your mobile touch screen and get a new experience. Thank you for inviting us to spend your sweet time with you.

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