Round Lock Disable Touch Screen

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Nowadays all the mobiles are designed with full display and everyone is eager to buy and use it. We can control the phone by rubbing our fingers on the glass display which is the full display of the phone. It is beautiful to look at, highly functional and attractive to people.

Even so, there is a possibility that some mistakes may happen, that is, sometimes the important features of the mobile phone are opened through a touch that is not our need, sometimes the phone call goes to someone else, there is a possibility that some photos and documents are deleted.

Avoiding this is mandatory, that is to say understandably, we need to have control over the display on our mobile, and you are going to see a great Disable Touch Screen option that can help in this website article.

What is this for?

If you are wondering why this is then consider an example story, when you give your phone to your kids at home and they are watching some video, only when they try to touch it with their hands while the video is playing on the phone, the video is likely to change or stop.

So you can keep your control on your mobile display only for that specific time, no matter how many times kids touch the display it won’t work. This Disable Touch Screen app does many such things.

Important: The main feature of Disable Touch Screen application is that it is recommended by play store, the information collected from there is also given below, please read and download it clearly. Please note that this information is gathered below based on the current situation and may change in the future.

Play Store Details

App Size7MB
RoleDisable Touch, Touch Control, Touch Protector
Nowadays Installs500+
Offered ByFirefly-Team
Official WebsiteNA
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy

Allows you to restrict your child from touching the phone screen while watching movies, watching Youtube, or listening to music!

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Round Lock Disable Touch Screen app TN Shorts
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Round Lock Disable Touch Screen TN Shorts
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How does Disable Touch Screen work?

It is worth noting that you can take control of the display on your phone whenever you need it by placing a small icon.

How to download?

The option to download this Disable Touch Screen application is available to you through play store, the option to go there is given to us in the article, you can easily download it, you will get it while traveling down.

Round Lock Disable Touch Screen
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Let’s talk about it!

Mobile is likely to run automatically when we keep it in our pocket or when we are doing some work, then when the mobile display is on, our battery charge is likely to decrease quickly and many unnecessary problems may happen.

We have written this article about a reliable application that helps prevent these, with the hope that you will surely welcome it, and tell your friends about it as it will help them too.

See you in the next great article and thank you for spending so much of your time on this article.

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