Smart Notification App Details and Download

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Note: All information contained in this section is information collected and provided by play store. It has been collected to give detailed explanations to you who came to this section eager to download this Stylish Notification ap.

In addition, there may be some changes in the future, such as the way this Stylish Notification application behaves in the play store and when the update will be given by the developer.

So, here you will get all information and finally go to the play store to download the Edge Lighting application, and use it.

Full Details Of Smart Notification App

App Size3MB
RoleLight App
Nowadays Installs100K+
Released onJul 31, 2016
Offered ByQuarkBytes

Always On Edge lighting notifications will enable you to see all the critical notifications at a glance. You won’t miss any important calls, messages, WhatsApp, Gmail, or facebook notifications. Edge lighting is not only a great visual way to be notified about various events, but it also helps to be productive.

What makes the Always On Edge feature so unique:

Stand out of the crowd: beautiful design patterns like pulse are only available in this app. Customize as per your liking.

Simple Settings: Out of the box, ready to use. No need to be confused with tons of configurations.

No ADs: No annoying popup ads or insecure link clicks.

Privacy: The app will never send any private notification data outside the phone. Everything stays within your phone.

Mybe, you like it

More Details of Smart Notifications App

BublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
AddressMumbai, India
Stylish Notification App Details and Download

Application Features:

Choose edge notifications from various styles – Edge lighting, classic LED, pulse, pulse design, waves, and more.

  • Speed of animation – fast/slow.
  • Position notifications to left, right, or both edges.
  • Color pattern – solid/gradient.
  • Animation can go on infinite or till a specific repeat count for battery saving.
  • Adjust screen brightness as per your requirement.
  • Night mode will switch off the notifications at night and thus will save power.
  • DND mode to avoid getting notifications.

The app will enable lighting edge notifications for all phones. No need for the Always On Display (AOD) feature to be enabled in case you have a Samsung mobile. In addition to lighting edge, you will also be able to customize more designs as per your choice, like dotted pulse design, pulsating circles, waves, stars, and more.

Notifications light is a very elegant way to let us know about new notifications. Lighting will be bright during the initial phase and gradually dim based on selected app brightness to save battery.

NOTE: The default app setting will stop the edge lighting animation after 10 repetitions, but you will continue to see the static edge with color notifications. This is done for battery saving as any sort of animation causes more battery usage. You can choose to have animation run infinitely as well. Adjust the settings as per your desire.

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