Safe Media With JPG to PDF

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We all want to securely store all the videos and photos on the mobile, such a thing is a must because the photos were taken on the mobile, and many of the videos will be our secret photos and video.

So, it is mandatory to hide, then we can ensure that the security of our sensitive information is increased. At the same time, it is significant that we have success and courage only as long as our secrets are kept secret.

Safe Media With JPG to PDF Converter

In this article you will find some help needed for this Safe Media thing, not all the photos and videos we take on mobile can be shared with everyone, some important photos have to be hidden for our need so even if it is hidden they will find it easily.

So with Safe Media With JPG to PDF application in this website article, you can definitely do this easily with this application, which will give you the help of hiding with a special algorithm so that the hidden content of the media is not known.

Best Safe Media App

The highlight of this application is that it is taken from the official website Play Store, so you can use it without fear because only good applications can be contained within Google Play Store. However, we have attached the relevant information below, so read it, download and use it.

Equal CalculatorIntruder Alarm
Safe Notepad VaultScreen Zoom Vault

play store details of safe media app

App Size8.56M
RoleImage to PDF – JPG to PDF
Nowadays Installs10,000,000+
Offered Byvidlabs
Official WebsiteSite
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
  • Convert your images to a single PDF file. PDF Maker is private and Offline.
  • The Image to Pdf Converter easily groups and converts your images into a single PDF file.


Use the cropping and scaling tools to optimize your images for your PDF file.

PASSWORD PROTECTION: You can protect your PDF files with a password.

AUTO ORGANIZATION: Sort images automatically by date, name or manually if desired.

Works OFF-LINE: Image to PDF Converter is designed to work offline, and convert your images to PDF without having to send your data to the cloud.

A trustworthy PDF scanner: Your files will be 100% safe when scanning with this image to a pdf scanner. No files will be sent to our servers.

Free PDF maker app: All features are free and there is no limitation to converting jpg or any image to pdf.

Dialpad HideSecret Dialpad
Launcher VaultTime Lock Vault
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unnamed 12 9 TN Shorts
unnamed 13 8 TN Shorts
unnamed 14 4 TN Shorts
unnamed 15 2 TN Shorts
unnamed 16 2 TN Shorts

Where to get the opportunity to download?

Click the link below to install the application on mobile.

When installing the app on mobile you may ask permission on your mobile to do its job properly.

Whereas if all things were done correctly then you can no longer hide your important documents in the back of this Safe Media With JPG to PDF application.

Safe Media JPG to PDF

My Opinion

The Safe Media With JPG to PDF application in this article is a great application that can help you with both of these things, even if you think the secret should be protected by mobile and you should not show it to anyone else. So share this article with your neighbours and help protect their self-secrecy.

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