Best Dialpad Hide App

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In this website article, we are going to discuss a royal trick that can Hide important photos and videos on your mobile, you can hide photos and videos so that no one can even imagine, come find a Dialpad Hide App that works that much better.

Dialpad Hide App

Photos taken with mobile videos are very important to us, as well as the fact that those photos cannot be shared with everyone, we have to enjoy watching those photos that can not be shared in private from time to time, for which we need to hide those photos.

Shouldn’t it be hidden but hidden from others? That’s why we have chosen a Dialpad Hide application, with this application you can hide your important photos and videos, but it looks like a normal phone call dialer and it is very easy to do.

best Dialpad Hide App

We are going to tell you the main features of this Dialpad Hide App, which is taken from the official Play Store and recommended to you, so you can use it without fear, however, we have given below additional information regarding it, which is also taken from the Play Store, download and use it after knowing it clearly.

Secret Dialer VaultClock Vault App
Launcher VaultDialer Vault App

Play store details of dial pad vault app

18App Size14M
RoleApp Hider-Dialer lock(No Root)
Nowadays Installs10,000+
Offered ByAPP Cloner Studio
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
How To UseApp Use
  • App Hider provides you with a private space for hiding private apps\photos\videos.
  • App Hider helps you create a copy of system apps, and then you can hide the app copy, which is a better way to protect the hidden apps.
  • App Hider also allows you to keep the system app and the app copy, so you can log in to 2 accounts at the same time on your phone.
  • More than that App Hider can hide photos and videos and hide App Hider itself by turning itself into a dialer

More info

  • Hide Apps is a hide-apps application for hiding app icons from the screen without root.
  • This hidden program is based on a parallel space behind the fake dialer.
  • Clone dual app messengers and hide the cloned one.
  • Hidden space for second accounts

Important tips: Hidden applications are hidden in the dialer, they are cloned applications. Because, since Android 6.0, no one can hide the icon, you can only hide the application by cloning.

A whole new way to hide icons from the screen without root

  • Clone application from the phone to the hidden space;
  • Run the hidden application and make sure they work.
  • Keep 2 accounts coexisting. For example, keep 2 Apps at the same time, the hidden one is used to log in to the private account.
  • Fake dialer for password lock.

Some features

  • Hidden space for hiding cloned apps;
  • Clone apps from the phone;
  • Hidden from the most recent task view;
  • Fake calculator interface and lock, fake calculator icon;
  • Hidden apps list to help uninstall system apps;
  • Multiple accounts for multiple channels;
Music Player VaultNotepad Secure Vault
Clock Photo LockerDialer Vault Hide App
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unnamed 10 15 TN Shorts
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unnamed 12 15 TN Shorts
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How to install, and use Dialpad Hide App

  1. Click the link below to download the application.
  2. Asking permission when installing the application on mobile, practice allowing it at your own discretion.
  3. And finally, you can hide your important photos with Dialpad Hide which is available in this application.

Privacy Policy

  • Some applications need to apply for permission to keep the app running.
  • Hidden App Space will never collect your personal information;
  • Be sure to remember the password as it is not modifiable
Best Dialpad Hide App

The world has changed to the extent that an individual’s secret is his mobile, so we created this website article with the aim of helping to keep their secrets on their mobile, share this article with your friends, help them protect their secrets too, and bookmark our web site for future good articles.

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