Android Call Blocker SIM CARD

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Every day we receive many incoming calls on mobile, out of which we think of rejecting some numbers, or trying to prevent the incoming call from answering without our permission. That means display touch work automatically.

To prevent such incidents, Android Call Blocker is a great application that can help with such things and is available in this website article. Also, this application will help you to completely block unwanted and unwanted numbers.

Android Call Blocker App is more likely to block specific mobile number and more importantly this application is available through Google Play Store.

The information gathered from there you will be given the opportunity to download it below with a full description, which you will reach while traveling.

What is Android Call Blocker App for?

This Call Blocker application can stop the incoming calls which can aggravate our problems. For example, it increases the chances of intercepting Android calls from unwanted people. It is worth noting that Android Call Blocker App can help.

More details about this!

This Android Call Blocker App is available to us through Google Play Store, we have given below the information collected from there, it is collected based on the news of this article, please know that there may be any changes in it at some point of time.

This is important: We have many such applications available through Play Store, but we will select the best application for you, even if Play Store dies, only the application that follows the policy of Play Store will continue to appear in Play Store.

Maybe in the future there is a possibility that google play store will automatically remove the application that violates the play store policies, be aware of that.

Play Store Details

App Size2MB
RoleCall Blocker
Nowadays Installs5,000+
Offered ByBacktracking Technologies
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
Address309 Kalimahal, Mughalsarai, U.P. (232101) India

Android Call Blocker is the most powerful and intuitive call blocker app. It helps you block calls from spam, unwanted, private (hidden) or robocalls.

Key features

  • lock private or hidden calls.
  • Block all calls from unknown numbers.
  • Block all calls except Whitelist numbers
  • Auto-generate call blocking history.
  • Turn on / off call blocking notifications.
  • Whitelist – The whitelist number will never be blocked.

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How Does Android Call Blocker App Work?

Android Call Blocker SIM CARD

It is also helpful to block unwanted calls to your mobile phone, which will help you know your personal preferences.

How to download it?

If you want to install and use this Android Call Blocker App on your mobile, you can directly go to the Play Store and download this application home page, we have given you the opportunity to go there in our website article, take advantage of it.

Android Call Blocker SIM CARD
Call Lock & App LockIncoming Call Lock
Call Lock 100%Disable Touch Screen

Let’s talk about Android Call Blocker App!

We use many Android App, but some Android App can increase our peace of mind, if we pick it up when we get a call on our phone unnecessarily, it can cause us a lot of trouble or lose our peace of mind.

If we want to escape (peace of mind) from such people, then we should automatically stop the call and this article is created with the intention of being an opportunity to help in that matter.

Please use this application and recommend it to your friends and as always, we request you to join our team.

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