Magic Watch Password App

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In this article, you will see the workings of a great Magic Watch application that can lock your mobile with a clock size, and you will also have the opportunity to download this application. Come visit the article to see and get help.

Need a Magic Watch?

We collect a lot of things on mobile, all of which are our vital information, some of which we want to hide inside the mobile so that no one can see it, and the special thing is that we have to do the hidden thing in a way that no one knows, this article is just a Magic Watch application to help with such a thing. You are about to see.

It looks like a normal clock, but it works like clockwork and does extra work, and can be used as a box to hide your sensitive information.

Note: Below you will find information about Magic Watch, download and use it.

Time Clock Vault AppMinute Ultra Time Lock
Clock Photo LockerPassword Lock Screen

play store detail of clock vault app

App Size6.7M
RoleWatch password – Easy & strong Touch lock screen
Nowadays Installs5000+
Offered By409
Official WebsiteSite
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
Address108-1101 Samseong APT. Sosaro 78beon-gil 81, Bucheonsi Kyeonggido
How To UseApp Use
  • Display a cool Watch image on my cell phone screen and use it as a quick and simple way to unlock it by touching specific positions of the watch!!
  • The Watch-pass can simply set a “touch password” with the touch of specific positions on the watch image.
  • It provides an advanced level of security as both “Watch image” and “Touch position” set on the lock screen become a touch password.
  • As soon as others touch the screen on the cell phone, a “warning” message pops up so no one else can unlock it.
  • It safeguards my cell phone filled with confidential financial data and personal information.

Cool Watch turning into my cell phone password

I can also set the watch images on the first screen of my cell phone to use it as both watch and screen lock. This is a genuine touch lock screen.

It is simply done only if I touch any position I want on the watch image of my choice. Touch lock screen compatible with any version of a cell phone. Surprisingly, this simple and powerful new security technology is compatible with low-end and old mobile phones as long as their screens are touch-aware.

Since I can directly set the “touch password” on my favourite watch, my cell phone becomes much easier to use in addition to its decoration effect.

There is no inconvenience of setting a separate password on my phone once I set the watch password. This is because the lock screen’s touch position itself functions as a strong password.
This first introduced “Touch password” is a patented technology using graphic authentication.

Security is undoubtedly strong: An innovative way to avoid exposing passwords to others when entering the “Touch Password”! It is because It only comes with the watch pass.

More info

Should I be concerned about the possibility that only touching a watch makes my phone vulnerable to certain security breaches such as an attempt to crack my phone’s password by guessing or unintended password exposure to others? No need to worry.

There is a technology hidden inside the watch pass that prevents others from finding out what makes up the “touch password” during its use. The password is hardly noticeable even if it is shown purposefully.
This magic-like technology, which is being introduced in the world, is also patented technology.

Watch-pass”’s graphical user authentication(GUA) technology, touch password, random password system, and other technologies are protected by a patent so they are prohibited from being reproduced or modified without permission.

Mobile Time LockScreen Clock Live Time
LED Light KeyboardTime Left StayAway

Our Patents

  • Graphical image user authentication and supplementary service system
  • User authentication using a password contained with a random key
  • Image sliding password system
  • Password system using characters
  • User authentication system using junk data
  • Total 9 registered patents including the above-listed technologies. In addition to that, we hold 4 international patents (PCT) and 36 patent applications.
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unnamed 6 1 TN Shorts
unnamed 7 1 TN Shorts
unnamed 8 TN Shorts
unnamed 12 2 TN Shorts
unnamed 13 1 TN Shorts
unnamed 14 1 TN Shorts
unnamed 15 TN Shorts

how to install, and use the clock vault app

  1. Follow the link below to download the application.
  2. It is important to remember that some permissions may be required during installation.
  3. If all things are done correctly you will be able to use all the slipper features available in this application for free.
magic Watch password - Easy & strong Touch lock screen

We are pleased to have recommended the Magic Watch application, which helps to keep the vital information of the mobile phone secret and secure. So let me know the information about this application in this article and remind you that it can give you your highest star rating if you like this article please share it with your friends

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