In this web stories, you will see the workings of a great Magic Watch application that can lock your mobile with a clock size

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We collect a lot of things on mobile, all of which are our vital information, some of which we want to hide inside the mobile

so that no one can see it, and the special thing is that we have to do the hidden thing in a way that no one knows

Magic Watch Password App


It looks like a normal clock, but it works like clockwork and does extra work, and can be used as a box to hide your sensitive information.

Display a cool Watch image on my cell phone screen and use it as a quick and simple way to unlock it by touching specific positions of the watch!!

The Watch-pass can simply set a “touch password” with the touch of specific positions on the watch image.

It provides an advanced level of security as both “Watch image” and “Touch position” set on the lock screen become a touch password.

Watch password - Easy & strong Touch lock screen

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