Error Lock Ultra App Protects Your Privacy

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Hiding some information on mobile is more important than concealing it from others, we have come not only to discuss such a great way but also to help protect the information in your mobile from others, for example, our loved ones often pick up our mobile, We need to hide the information in our mobile from them, let’s see about this in detail

Need Error Lock Ultra for?

We can not say that we will only see all the information stored by our mobile, because his relatives, friends are all our mobile viewers, even though we can not say that we will not give them on the mobile when there is only some information that I saw only the emperor is not likely to cause unnecessary confusion and frustration all to hide such information Try because sometimes our important information can not do things like photos so as not to be seen because it will be a great souvenir for itself

In this case, we need the help of a great Error Lock application, this application should be powerful enough to protect you from others and avoid any resentment from loved ones, such an application is on the official website of Google Play Store, we recommend taking it and give it in the full article below, Read it clearly and try to use it based on your self-will.

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play store details of App Protects

App Size1.5M
Nowadays Installs5,000+
Official WebsiteSite
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
How To UseApp Use

Ultra AppLock protects your privacy

This is the Ultra app lock that will protect your privacy, give your phone All-round protection.
Privacy your Photo, note, call, SMS, email, settings…, all the privacy guard functions for you to ensure your phone security and keep your privacy safe.
Easy-to-Use! Privacy Guard for Your Secret!

Ultra AppLock provides an all-in-one solution to protect your phone privacy.

App Locks: Applocker, password lock, pattern lock, fingerprint lock supported

Break-in Alerts: Automatically take a picture of the guy inputting the wrong password, privacy defence.

Disguise Lock: Fake the unlock screen into an error report.

Cleaning: Clean up obsolete files, free up storage space and erase traces of privacy.

Battery Saver: Fast loading, faster charging times and optimized phone performance.

Fake Icon: Change the app lock icon to a calculator.

Invisible patterns: Option to make an invisible pattern on unlock screen, people can not see your pattern lock screen while you are unlocking. Safer!

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How to instal and use it?

  1. Follow the link below if you probably want to download
  2. It is important to note that certain permissions must be given when installing and can be allowed and used on a voluntary basis
  3. Then you can accsess full feature of the app
Ultra AppLock protects your privacy

I hope all this information is very good and I look forward to your feedback, don’t forget to share this Error Lock Ultra App content with your friends and relatives and let them help.

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