Why Use Incoming Lock Screen

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We get a lot of incoming calls on our mobile every day, sometimes when we have to unplug our mobile, we have the opportunity to take the incoming calls to someone else, in which there are some calls that we only have to attend and talk to, otherwise, there will be a lot of unhappiness and unwanted experiences, to avoid this It is very important to do your Mobile Incoming Lock, you can have a clear discussion in this article on how to do this and what are the benefits of doing so, you can learn a better incoming lock method at the end of the discussion.

Why Income Lock on Mobile?

In the old days, it was the custom to write a letter to talk to one another, the letter would only reach the right person, and the postman who carried the letter would hand over the letter to that person only after getting the signature, but nowadays 99% of the information is exchanged on the mobile, we talk on the mobile by contacting someone when we think, But mobile is not always in our hands.

Sometimes what happens if we want to talk to someone else about our incoming mobile call is to have someone else pick up the phone when we do not have our mobile and we need to lock incoming calls to avoid such problems. It does not require much difficulty, you can avoid the big problems with a small process, this can be done with the help of an Incoming Lock application, see below our website for the best Incoming Lock Screen

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Note: When we choose Incoming Lock, we take that Incoming Lock application from google’s official Play Store with the intention of making it a better application and we have given all the relevant information below.

play store details of call lock app

App Size10M
Nowadays Installs500+
Offered BySomya Editor Apps
Official WebsiteSite
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
How To UseApp Use

Secure Incoming Call Lock Screen is the best security app for secure locking incoming calls. This call pickup lock allows you to add a secure lock on incoming calls. The incoming call lock security password screen is popups on the incoming call screen to secure incoming call details. Secure incoming call lock privacy can protect your incoming calls by using the secure password pattern lock or passcode etc.

  • Enable & Disable secure incoming call lock
  • Different secure incoming lock patterns
  • Change incoming call lock background wallpaper
  • Change incoming caller name which shows on the incoming call screen

How to add an incoming call lock screen on incoming calls?

  1. Turn on required permission for incoming calls
  2. Select incoming call screen lock pattern
  3. If you change the wallpaper for a secure incoming call lock screen then select form wallpaper
  4. As per your choice, if you change the incoming caller name on the incoming call screen then select contact number and enter a name then add it
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How to install ad use the incoming call lock app?

  1. Use the link below to download the application
  2. Some permissions may be required when installing on your mobile, please allow after knowing fully on a voluntary basis
  3. After successfully completing everything, you can easily keep your Incoming Lock done

Disclaimer: All required permission is for the auto-deleting call log, etc. Secure incoming call screen is not collecting any type of user contact number or other contact detail.

Incoming Call Lock Screen

We hope you enjoy the extension of service and your mobile phone. This release article was created with the intention of introducing you to a knowledge-based topic, you can share your thoughts about this information with us below, and visit them as there are many more articles like this on our website.

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