Empty Folder Cleaner [FILE MANAGER]

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Do you have too much mt boulder on mobile? Is it worth spending a lot of time to remove it? This article provides the best way to remove all unnecessary folders (Empty Folder Cleaner) to make it completely easy.

It can also be used to remove unnecessary parts to reduce the load on your phone. This is a must-have feature for all mobiles. We found such a unique opportunity through Google Play Store and recommend it to you.

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What is Empty Folder Cleaner for?

This Empty Folder Cleaner application makes it easy for you to delete all the empty folders on your phone so that you can get rid of the unwanted junk on your phone.

This help is available to you through an Empty Folder Cleaner application found on the Play Store, this article provides an opportunity to download the application and learn about it.

Information you need to know!

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Points to Read: Google Play Store is offering many such applications for mobile users, all of which are of great help to mobile users.

Although it may continue to offer such applications, the Google Play Store does not recommend applications that do not follow the policy.

Note that if some Android applications do not follow the policies of the Google Play Store, the application will be removed in the interest of mobile users.

Play Store Details

App Size1MB
RoleCleaner App
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
Offered ByFenil Mehta
Official WebsiteNA
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyNA

Annoyed with loads of empty folders in your file manager? Use this app.

Key Features

  • Delete empty folders from internal storage and SD Card/Memory Card
  • Multiple options to delete empty folders.
  • No advertisements
  • Scan for empty folders in user entered directory.
  • Get approximate progress status.
  • Widget – delete all empty folders with a single click.

Options to delete empty folders:

  1. Show folder in progress: get the progress of which folder is being checked for empty folders.
  2. Log deleted empty folders: get the list of all the empty folders deleted.
  3. Scan ANDROID created folders: if selected, then the app will delete empty folders from the following directories as well /Android/data, /Android/obb, /LOST.DIR, /DCIM

Widget options:

  • Whether to clean Internal Storage or not.
  • Whether to clean SD Card or not

Note: folders with “nomedia” and other hidden files will not be deleted as they might be required by the system or the app which has created it. The developer is not responsible for any problem created by this application. You use the application at your own risk.

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How does it work?

Empty Folder Cleaner App

This means that you can easily delete all the unnecessary folders on the mobile, so that your mobile store, your mobile, and the performance will be better.

How to download?

There is an option to download this Empty Folder Cleaner application in the article, just follow it and directly download and use this application.

Empty Folder Cleaner
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Let’s talk about Empty Folder Cleaner!

Applications like these are important for mobile users and in my opinion you should use this application at least once in your life.

That is, every six months you should install this Empty Folder Cleaner application on your phone and find and delete any unnecessary MT folder.

It’s important to note that this will keep your mobile looking great and prevent unnecessary clutter, while this is an application recommended by Google Play Store.

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