Streamline & Purge: Effortless Duplicate File Eliminator

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Effortless Duplicate File Eliminator

Streamlined Duplicate File Eliminator App Play Store

App Size7MB
RoleCleaner AppUseful App
Nowadays Installs5K+
Released onApr 16, 2022
Offered ByAuzi Apps Studios

Duplicate File Eliminator is an android application that search, find, and clear your phone from similar data files like duplicate photos, duplicate videos, duplicate audio, duplicate documents, duplicate contacts, duplicate folders, and much more data.

Most unwanted files take mobile storage and the phone gets heavy and it shows the storage full message, the Duplicate file remover helps the user to free up the device space coughed by unnecessary duplicate files.

Duplicate videos finder has the ability to identify the duplicate videos even with the changed names, the duplicate videos finder will display all the similar videos in front of you, and will delete all the replicate videos besides the original after asking and confirming from you.

Duplicate files finder app do a fast scan to search for duplicates in your phone, after finding duplicate it deletes those similar files and lightened your device.

More Details Of Duplicate File Eliminator App

If a user has thousands of contacts but s/he don does not know that the most of contact numbers are similar, the Duplicate contact remover also helps the user to find those similar contacts and delete the duplicate contacts.

Duplicate file finder & remover can quickly scan the replicate audio and remove similar files from the user device. The best feature of this replicate audio remover is that the replicate file remover will let you keep the original copy of the image, video document etc.

Replicate document remover free-up phone’s storage from the unnecessary documents, that are still in the phone storage with multiple copies and not useable.

Replicate documents remover app display those unusable duplicate documents and if you want it can clear unwanted documents.

Duplicate file finder is also able to find extra empty folders that have duplicates and are not usable. Duplicate folder finder & remover clear the storage from empty duplicate folders.

Effortless Duplicate File Remover Installation

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy

Effortless Duplicate File Eliminator Features:

  • Free-up Storage
  • Delete unlimited duplicate files
  • Fast Super Scan
  • Duplicate images cleaner
  • Supported internal Storage
  • Automated marking for duplicates
  • Display total storage and used space
  • Simple User interface design
  • Simple & easy usage method

Issues by Duplicate files:

  • Your phone starts hanging
  • Slow up mobile search
  • Slow down mobile functionality
  • Caught up unessential space
  • Create difficulties to find files
  • Confuse device to fine original files


Storage– The duplicate file finder and remover app needs the Storage permission in order to scan storage for the purpose of finding duplicate files.

Contacts– The Duplicate cleaner app requires the contact permission to access your phone’s contacts to fine and remove duplicate contacts.

Similar Images Advanced Image Similarity Analyzer

Usage Of Duplicate File Eliminator:

Download and install the Duplicate File Remover app, install it in your android phone.
Click on a category from Images, Videos, Audio, Documents, Contacts, etc.
Now, wait for the Duplicate file finder app to find duplicates from your phone.
Now you will see the duplicates are marked already.
Once checked by yourself then click the Delete Now button to remove duplicates from your device.

This Duplicate file fixer will become your gallery cleaner, phone space cleaner, replicate finder, replicate remover, and much more helpful. Try this now and get the benefits of this outstanding duplicate finder & remover app.

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