Calculator Vault: Hide Your Photos and Videos with Ease

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Hide Your Photos

Keep Your Photos and Videos Safe with the Calculator Photo Vault

App Size7MB
RoleCalculator Photo Vault
Nowadays Installs5K+
Released onFeb 20, 2020
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Calculator Secret has a user interface just like a normal standard calculator. It has all number keys and arithmetic operator keys, and the fun stuff is you can also perform calculations.

But when you enter your 4-digit password and press the equal key “=” the secret vault will get open.

In the secret vault, you will find 4 options: Photos, Videos, Audio, and Documents.

Select a category to which your file belongs and you will see an ADD button, click on it and you will be able to add your file to the secret vault.

Once you hide photos, videos & files inside the secret vault of the calculator it will no longer be available on your phone’s storage.

Secure Your Photos and Videos with the Calculator Vault App

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
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You can also unhide them and they will become accessible to you from your local storage.

Here for the app locker, there are two types of password protection: 4-digit Pin and Pattern.

In the app locker section of the calculator, you will see a list of all your phone’s apps, select the apps which need protection and click on the SAVE button.

If privacy matters for you then click on the green install button now to get the Calculator Secret app on your phone, so you can protect your apps with the app locker and easily hide photos, videos & files that are important for you.

Hide Your Photos App

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