Bottom Quick Settings For Mobiles

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We seek to contain all of our important things through mobile, so there may be some delay in opening and closing such things, for example, we may have to go and look at each and every one of the mobiles carrying all the things, but in this web article you will find the help of a great Bottom Quick Settings For Mobiles application to save time. You see, and this application is taken from Google’s official website play store, then you will know that it is a great application at the end of this article.

Bottom Quick and short cut Settings For Mobiles

Although mobile is a small object, man is currently trying to subdue the world on that mobile, so when I do all these things on mobile, if I have to access a thing right away on mobile then it will not be accessible in the next second because it contains so many options, applications that we will go in search of it. There may be some delays in accessing, and the best Bottom Quick Settings For Mobiles app help is available to you in this article to avoid this delay.

With Bottom Quick Settings you can fit some of the frequently used options at the bottom of the mobile, which means you can access the content as soon as you think of it, for example, if you frequently share a text message with someone, you can put their information down on your mobile so that all the things you use frequently can be matched to the mobile. It is worth noting that this will get you immediate needs in many places, thus saving you time

Note: We are going to do this thing with the help of a great application, however, we have compiled all the information related to this application under this article so you can use it after reading it clearly, it is optimal to do each thing based on personal preference.

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play store details of Bottom Quick App

App Size5.1M
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
Offered ByTom Bayley
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
AddressEngland, UK
How To UseApp Use

Do you find notifications and quick settings hard to reach with one hand at the top of your screen? Don’t like stretching your hand up to reach them? You no longer have to!

Bottom Quick Settings provides a smooth, fast and native feeling Android styled quick setting and notification panel at the bottom of your screen, allowing you to toggle settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, Flash and many more, as well as adding shortcuts to apps and websites in the panel too!

What is the difference between MIUI-if and Bottom Quick Settings? The main differences can be seen in the Play Store screenshots. MIUI-if is cleaner, easier to use and follows the MIUI style. Bottom Quick Settings follows the style of Android P/Q.


  1. Control all notifications
  2. Reply, open, dismiss, interact and manage
  3. Full-colour customization
  4. Dynamic colours


  • Move your device’s status bar to the bottom of the screen
  • Full support for notifications and system settings icons
  • Full-colour personalization
  • Blacklist: hide the status bar in specific apps


  • 40+ different settings
  • Add any app or URL as a shortcut in the panel
  • Layout: Change the number of tile rows and columns
  • Sliders: Screen brightness, ringtone, alarm, notification and media volume
  • Android Q & Pie themed
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  1. Customizable position and size so it doesn’t interfere with navigation gestures
  2. Options to hide in landscape and fullscreen
  3. Blacklist: hide the handle trigger in specific apps


  • Blur the background
  • Change the colours of the panel background and the quick setting icons
  • Add a background image to the panel
  • Select an app icon pack
  • Match the navigation bar colour to the footer colour
  • Dark mode
  • Integration with Tasker

BACKUP / RESTORE: Backup and Restore your customisations
Share your own and use customizations created by others in this Telegram group:

Get extra features with Root / ADB: the ability to toggle secure system settings such as Mobile Data and Location. These settings can only be toggled with root or a one time ADB command, due to Android’s security restrictions.

  • WiFi
  • Mobile data
  • Bluetooth
  • Location
  • Rotate mode
  • Do not disturb
  • Airplane mode
  • Night mode
  • Sync
  • Torch / Flashlight
  • NFC
  • Music controls
  • WiFi hotspot
  • Screen timeout
  • Immersive mode
  • Caffeine (keep the screen awake)
  • Invert colours
  • Battery Saver
  • And over 20 more!
Bottom Quick Settings Notification Customization 1 TN Shorts
unnamed 3 13 TN Shorts
unnamed 5 12 TN Shorts
unnamed 8 6 TN Shorts
unnamed 9 5 TN Shorts
unnamed 10 3 TN Shorts
unnamed 11 1 TN Shorts
unnamed 13 TN Shorts

how to install, and use the Mobile Bottom app?

  1. If you want to install this app on your mobile, you can go to the Play Store and download it by clicking on the link below.
  2. At the same time when you try to install this app on mobile, you will be forced to give some permissions, it is better to be at your own discretion.
  3. Finally, Bottom Quick Settings can be tolerated even with some of the settings available in this app.
  4. Also, See Tutorial video.
Bottom Quick Settings - Notification Customization

Time is of the essence for a man who does many things, and we have created this to give him the opportunity to immediately reach important places on his mobile, thereby saving him a great deal of his daily time, however, please use our comment box for detailed explanations about this application and for any queries you may have. We will answer soon.

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