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The experience of using some important features in the mobile with shortcuts will be absolutely great, thus saving time, some beautiful design art can be brought to the home page of the mobile.

When it works other people will see us and realize that our android usage looks like philosophy, you can see the existing articles on the collection of many such applications.

At the same time, it is a great application, and it is selected from the play store, I have given all the additional details about it below, Lom, check it out and enjoy it.

Play Store Details

App Size4MB
RoleTile Shortcuts: Quick settings
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByTom Bayley
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
AddressEngland, UK

Quickly open your favorite apps, shortcuts, and websites from anywhere at any time, directly from your notification shade!


  • Apps
  • App shortcuts
  • Websites
  • Intents
  • Activities
  • Shortcut Folders


  1. Use the real app icon for the icon in the notification panel
  2. Choose your own icons
  3. Select an icon from an Icon Pack
  4. Use actual website icons for website tiles
  5. Name the Tile whatever you want


  • Create a tile in the app (remember the number under the newly created tile name)
  • Open your quick settings panel and tap the edit button
  • Move the tile you just created (with the matching number) up into the active section of your quick settings panel
  • You can now use the tile!


Tiles created in this app are usable in Bottom Quick Settings and MIUI-ify, allowing you to create custom icons for shortcuts.

How is this app different to other similar apps?

  • Other apps do not use the real app icon in the quick settings tile.
  • Instead, they replace the app icon with a letter or generic image.
  • This app uses the real app icon for the quick settings tile, making it easier for you to identify the apps & shortcuts you want to open.
Three Layer Sidebar ShortcutsSwipe Down Notification
Internet Data GuardApp Notification
Tile Shortcuts Quick settings

Will that work?

Once installed it will recommend creating a beautiful experience on your phone’s home screen, where you can keep the options, you need.

How to download it?

The opportunity to download is available on the Play Store, we have given an answer on how to get there in our article, take advantage of it.

android Shortcuts TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Shortcuts mobile TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Shortcuts tnshorts TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Shortcuts android TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Shortcuts play store app TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Shortcuts app TN Shorts
Play Store Images
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