Three Layer Sidebar Shortcuts

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Mandatory Note: Recently we wrote this article which presented Three Layer Sidebar Shortcuts application recommended to you which was found through play store. That’s way, from time to time we find and recommend many such Android applications through Play Store, the service may be suspended at some point.

That means you should know that some applications may be removed by play store in the future in the interest of users. That way this Three Layer Sidebar Shortcuts application is currently removed by play store, which is authorized by google play store, which may be in your safety reasons.

If you are also interested in using the Shortcut application and you have come to this article, we inform you that you can get other articles and application information related to Sidebar Shortcuts by clicking on this section.

We use many applications, many options we need on mobile, and yet it is too late to access one thing immediately when it touches too much at one point.

You can change this and create a shortcut on your phone‘s home screen in three layers, you’ve seen things like this in many dimensions, but this will be the first time a shortcut is created in three layers.

It is worth noting that Three Layer Sidebar Shortcuts are so beautiful to look at, give an amazing experience to others, save your time and enhance your experience.

Such a special Three Layer Sidebar Shortcuts application is newly released and that too is available to us through Google Play Store.

Our team has spent a lot of time researching the subject and selected the best application among all, although we have already recommended many such applications, you can also visit them if you have time.

Note: While we have collected the information related to this application which is talking about in this article through play store and attached it below with photos, read them clearly and take advantage of them.

Play Store Details

App Size4MB
RoleStyle App,
Nowadays Installs5,000+
Offered ByFly Labs LLC
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy

Sidebar For Shortcuts app gives you the ability to use your phone with one hand by gestures. You’ll be able to switch between recent apps, favorite apps, shortcuts, or quick settings from any screen. Shortcutter is an android Quick Settings, Shortcut Provider & Quick Access Toolbox that gives instant access to Apps, Contacts, Web Sites, Settings, Actions, Activities & Services.

This Shortcutter or Sidebar For Shortcuts app is suitable for any android device. It is free and user-friendly.

With this app, you can launch your favorite apps faster, call your favorite contacts, play your favorite music & more. Install this amazing application and save time.


  • Add Apps Shortcuts.
  • Add Contact Shortcuts
  • Available Quick Settings like Wi-Fi, Auto Brightness, Airplane Mode, Rotation, etc.
  • Set a sidebar background with wallpaper.
  • Set the sidebar Open and the Icon set.
Notification ShortcutsSide Wheel Launcher
Pin Notes In NotificationNotification Area App
Three Layer Sidebar For Shortcuts android 2022 2023 TN Shorts
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Three Layer Sidebar For Shortcuts app 2022 TN Shorts
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Three Layer Sidebar For Shortcuts play stpore TN Shorts
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Three Layer Sidebar For Shortcuts app andriod TN Shorts
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Mobile Three Layer Sidebar For Shortcuts TN Shorts
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Three Layer Sidebar For Shortcuts tnshorts TN Shorts
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Three Layer Shortcuts TN Shorts
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Three Layer Sidebar For Shortcuts app TN Shorts
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Three Layer Sidebar For Shortcuts TN Shorts
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How to install it?

As always, we recommend the possibility to install this application to the play store where you can go and download it.

We have given that opportunity on the website with a green button, take advantage of it, save your time and use this mobile application that can enhance the beauty of your mobile.

How does it work?

After installing this application, when you swipe right or left on the home screen of your phone, 3 layers of shortcuts will appear, which you can use.

It is noteworthy that through Three Layer Sidebar Shortcuts, you can fit the applications you need, and you can open and work on it the next second when needed, that is, you can access it.

Three Layer Sidebar For Shortcuts
Charge Screen – Battery ChargingInternet Speed (Net Optimizer)
Style Galaxy NotificationDraw Lock For Android

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