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Play Store Details Of Nokia style App

App Size54MB
RoleNokia Launcher, Lock Screen
Nowadays Installs10K+
Released onFeb 27, 2023
Offered ByParagon Studio

Recapture the Nokia style with a fully functional smartphone that embodies the legendary Nokia experience, featuring physical key presses, an antique user interface, a call key, and a full app drawer.

Experience the nostalgia of Nokia’s iconic photography and web browser with the Phone Retro app that brings your Nokia back to life with touchscreen capabilities.

The Nokia-style phone launcher brings the old-style phone experience to your home screen, allowing you to customize it with the hard-key keypad simulator and vibration feedback.

The launcher has a square screen with an app drawer in the old Nokia style, with phone signal, mobile data, and connection icons reminiscent of the old days. Relive the experience of using the classic Nokia interface, complete with hard keys and a small screen above.

More Details Of Paly Store Nokia Launcher

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policyhttp://

The Nokia 1600 Launcher app allows users to recapture the classic Nokia interface. Customize your home screen with an old phone-style Nokia Theme that features hard keys for direct dialing, and number saving, and a web browser that emulates the Nokia style.

You can also take photos with an old camera style that produces stunning pictures and play the classic Snake ’97 game that will take you back to the dot-matrix display and monotone sounds of the original.

Nokia Launcher is a customizable and awesome home screen replacement that recreates the unforgettable Nokia look on your smartphone.

Nokia Launcher is an awesome, customizable, and recall home screen replacement.

Old Nokia Phone Style features:

  • Nokia Theme: bring Nokia Launcher home screen style back to your smartphone, a launcher app with the Nokia home of the past, which almost everyone has experienced before.
  • Typical Nokia style hard keys: Nokia keypad in your Home Screen, old style keyboard – direct dialing with keypad, save number Nokia style.
  • Web browser: use the internet with your Nokia style.
  • Old camera style: square camera, surprise your friends when an old Nokia can take stunning pictures.
  • Long press End Call to switch your Default launcher.
  • Nokia keypad in your Home Screen: Nokia style keyboard – direct dialing with keypad, save number Nokia style
  • Classic Snake Game 97: Snake ’97 is the retro phone classic. This is a remake of the original Snake, complete with a dot-matrix display and monotone sounds. Rewind time and get a dose of nostalgia that is as addictive (and frustrating) as the original.
  • Nokia Home Screen style: re-feel the user interface of classic Nokia, the user interface of old Nokia. The great launcher that brings the unforgettable Nokia look to your smartphone with a T9 keypad and old screen full app drawer
  • Nokia Launcher 2022: Setting screen with many options such as wallpaper, phone name, and Nokia theme for Android

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Best Nokia 1600 Launcher App

Nokia 1600 Launcher is a timeless design that still resonates with many people today.

The distinctive look and feel of the Nokia phones from the past bring back memories of simpler times, when phones were used primarily for making calls and sending texts.

Nowadays, smartphones have taken over the market, and many people yearn for the days of the old Nokia phone style.

The nostalgia factor of the Nokia old phone style is what makes it so popular. The T9 keypad, the physical buttons, and the small screen are all characteristics that many people associate with the early days of mobile phones. Something is charming about the simplicity of the old Nokia phones, and that is what keeps people coming back for more.

Fortunately, with modern technology, it is possible to replicate the Nokia old phone style on your smartphone. Apps like Nokia Launcher and Phone Retro allow you to customize your home screen and bring back the look and feel of the old Nokia phones.

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