Use Of Call Blocker for WhatsApp [CUT CALLS]

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Some applications are used to block unwanted calls from WhatsApp, the name of which is called Call Blocker for WhatsApp.

Some social media apps don’t recommend using such things in conjunction, so is it right or wrong? Such a discussion is going to happen in this article.

Apart from that, you will see a recommended Call Blocker for WhatsApp Application in this article.

WhatsApp is an application that many people can use, so they use other applications if they need more features like video calls (audio calls) which share many things on this site.

However, WhatsApp recommends using only company-provided content. Some other mobile apps are not recommended to work together.

Main Points

Note: All the information related to this publication is collected by Play Store and given below, it is collected based on the news of this article, it may change in the future, but it is noted that it will be updated.

This is important: Although many such applications are downloaded through the play store, it is important to note that google play store will remove some apps in the future if they violate the policy of the play store, the main reason for which is the decision taken in the interest of the users.

Play Store Details

App Size4MB
RoleWhatsApp Calls
Nowadays Installs1,0,000+
Offered ByVersionApp
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
  • Tired of getting calls while playing your online games on your phone?
  • Tired of getting calls at all and do you like chatting?
  • Tired of getting spam calls?

Call Blocker for WhatsApp was created to let you control your calls on WhatsApp, you can block incoming and outgoing calls with one click also you can choose multiple options.

Use Call Blocker for WhatsApp to prevent WhatsApp call:

  • incoming calls.
  • outgoing calls.
  • unknown number only
  • your contact only.
  • all of the above.
  • Block any number and spam calls.

Custom blocking:

  1. WhiteList: Block everyone except…(contact, group, and unsaved number specific).
  2. BlackList: Block specific contact, group, and unsaved number.

Why Call Blocker for WhatsApp?

  • You will not be worried if your kid uses your phone.
  • busy? in a meeting? no incoming calls will bother you.
  • Your business does not accept calls?

Use Call Blocker for WhatsApp and problem solved.

Permission required: Once you install the app you will be asked to grant it access to the notifications access to make the app work properly.

Disclaimer: This app is independent and is not affiliated with any other company, including WhatsApp LLC.

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Call Blocker for WhatsApp
Call Blocker for WhatsApp
Call Blocker for WhatsApp
Call Blocker for WhatsApp
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Call Blocker for WhatsApp
Play Store Images
Call Blocker for WhatsApp
Play Store Images
Call Blocker for WhatsApp
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How does this work?

Call Blocker for WhatsApp

Notably, this will help you limit incoming calls, allowing you to open and block unwanted calls.

How to download?

Easy to download, you just need to click on a green button below, it will take you to the home page of this application, from where you can download it through Play Store.

Call Blocker for WhatsApp
WhatsApp Call RecorderNo WhatsApp Calls
Picture for WhatsAppWhatsApp Block

Let’s talk about Call Blocker for WhatsApp!

There is a perception among people that despite using many social media websites, we cannot do all the things that we think of with the special features available through those apps (sites).

Some other applications are used for similar purposes, but people are using such applications based on their own preference. However, the best applications for all of them are hard to come by.

So, we have given some discussion about it in this article for your view one of the best Call Blocker for WhatsApp application found from the official website Google Play Store and take advantage of it (download and use it) and share it with your friends if you have time.

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