Adjust Line Fake Screen

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Sometimes even true things can be guessed easily, but false things no one can detect and get fooled. This website article is an opportunity to lock your modern mobile which can carry all your information using this trick.

That is, you know it looks like a beautiful lock on the home page, but in reality, it is not a screen lock, so you can create an Adjust Line Fake Screen with a great app.

We have taken all the information related to this Adjust Line Fake Screen app from play store and also this application is a recommended application by play store.

Note: We have provided below with the collected photos, the creator has given clear explanations about it, we have given it to you without changing it, see it clearly, download and use it.

Play Store Details

App Size3MB
RoleAndroid Fake Screen
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByUrrr
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy

Fake Screen cannot be used from Android Version 12 due to policy changes

  • This function prevents other people from seeing the currently running application.
  • Secretary at work, Professor secretly in class! We recommend it to those who want to.
  • It was mainly made for automatic game rotation. You can also find and use any app.
  • (Video recording, recording, etc.)
  • It is not responsible for illegal or malicious use.


  1. Compatible with devices including soft keys.
  2. Added Touch Mode, Filter Mode

Adjust Line Fake Screen

How does Adjust Line Fake Screen work?

This helps to hide your phone so that they can’t tamper with it when someone tries to take it without your permission, which makes it very special.

How to download it on mobile?

You have the option to download and install this application from play store, our website article will suggest you the way to go there and you can go directly from there and install it.

tn shorts Adjust Line Fake Screen TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Adjust Line Fake Screen app 2022 TN Shorts
Play Store Images
unnamedAdjust Line Fake Screen app tnshorts TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Adjust Line Fake Screen play store TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Android Adjust Line Fake Screen TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Adjust Line Fake Screen app TN Shorts
Play Store Images
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Let’s talk!

Some things are something we must use. Thus even the most brain-intensive work sometimes fails, but sometimes the mundane can be a huge success.

As such, we recommend this method to lock the phone without a lock, which we hope will fool everyone and protect your information.

My comment: We are looking forward to your comments and to provide future article in a good way, we are always looking for your support and we hope you will give it.

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