Data Call: Your Global Travel Companion App without Roaming Fees

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Did you know that if you are traveling to many countries, no SIM card is needed and you can easily communicate with others? Yes, you can talk to people in over 200 countries on your mobile for free without a SIM card.

It’s true! That size is one of the best Global Travel Companion applications in this article, with the added advantage that it is recommended by Google Play Store, we invite you to take a chance to download this application clearly.

In addition, all the additional details related to this Global Travel Companion application will be available in this article, and it is worth noting that you will be given the opportunity to install it directly by going to the play store.

Travel Companion
Android Free Travel Companion App

Play Store Travel Companion App (data transfer in 200+ countries without roaming fees)

App WorkFree Call
OfferedBNESIM Limited
Nowadays Downloads50K+
PublishedGoogle Play
Size63MB Only

According to the BNESIM: eSIM card, Mobile Data app developer

Travel Companion App, the network paradigm, facilitates the free flow of over 120 Terabytes of cellular data across the United States, the United Kingdom, and 200+ other nations each month.

It serves as the quintessential solution for globetrotters, remote professionals, nomadic entrepreneurs, and any device-dependent individuals.

Imagine it as your cost-effective all-in-one virtual SIM and communication conduit. If you aim to engage in voice calls, partake in teleconferences, and unleash mobile data transfer in over 200 countries without the shackles of roaming costs, search no more.

Instantly establish your virtual account and unlock the vast spectrum of BNESIM’s core Simcard and telephony services. Upgrade seamlessly, whether you’re comfortably stationed at home or exploring foreign horizons.

Top Advantages of Opting for BNESIM Mobile Service App:


Access a marketplace brimming with international data packages from a myriad of operators, ensuring you’re always on the favorable side of eSIM travel data tariffs and wireless network coverage. Embrace the unlimited potential of multiple eSIM profiles on a single device for boundless hotspot accessibility.

Activate numerous global SIM cards instantaneously within your BNESIM account. Traverse the globe with an unparalleled global eSIM data tariff, and harness unlimited global SIM schemes spanning Europe, Asia, the USA, the UK, and the Middle East.

BNESIM caters to over 160,000 established roaming data schemes, covering global, regional, and national usage, all sans any nagging roaming fees!


Engage in pay-per-minute conversations, irrespective of your geographical coordinates, without the burden of roaming costs. Thanks to Smart CLI, your calls will materialize via local numbers in your chosen destination. Acquire a secondary SIM, enabling you to send and receive SMS without additional charges.


BNESIM grants you the power to activate multiple landlines, mobile, and toll-free numbers from over 100 countries, all accessible via a unified account. Redirect incoming calls directly from BNESIM, a desktop phone, voicemail, or route them to other contact numbers or conference chambers, ensuring a holistic telephonic experience.


Articulate meetings with elegance, select a sophisticated URL, invite participants, and synchronize with your calendar. Gain access to your meeting chamber through the virtual SIM application, a web browser, or a conventional call. Expand your attendees by dialing their phone numbers directly from the conference room. Share your screen, collaboratively edit documents, and live-stream your events.


Harness the swiftness and contemporary finesse of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that fortifies your digital privacy with reliable and risk-free encryption. It’s user-friendly, streamlined, and minimizes battery consumption. Regain dominion over your online activities, forging secure connections from any corner of the globe to another.


Leverage your SIP/desktop phone connection, diversify your calls across multiple intelligent devices without the need for a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), and choose your caller ID from any of the accessible mobile numbers. Revel in advanced voicemail services, comprehensive call statistics, worldwide toll-free numbers, call blocking, and restrictions. Welcome to the enhanced world of BNE Pro.


Enjoy all the perks of the Pro edition, including static and AI-driven Interactive Voice Response (IVR), mobile data plan pooling, extensive national coverage, a comprehensive dashboard, virtual PBX, virtual numbers, corporate phone extensions, integration with apps, and a management API (Application Programming Interface).

Photo Examples Of Travel Companion App

  • Your Ultimate Travel Companion App
  • Your Ultimate Travel Companion App
  • TnShorts Travel Companion App
  • Your Play Store Travel Companion App
  • Best Your Global Travel Companion App for android
  • Mobile Travel Companion App
  • BNESIM: Your Ultimate Travel Companion App
  • TnShorts Travel Companion App

For assistance, simply reach out to us at 888 or drop an email at [email protected].

BNESIM emerges as your paramount eSIM solution for internet, voice, and VPN services, catering to the dynamic needs of digital nomads and globetrotters. Acquire your virtual SIM card and relish pre-paid cellular data on the move.

Global Travel Companion App Download

It is best to download the application by following two ways, both of which can go to Play Store. However, it is split into two to give you a better understanding, so scroll down to see it.

Your Global Travel Companion App
Android Global Travel Companion App

The first possibility is that if the information read in this article fills your mind (and you immediately want to go to the Play Store), click on this section. Or visit the second part.

The second part is the comment given by the developer who created the application and submitted it to the play store.

There is a section in the comment that has been retained without any change. Those who think that they can go to the play store after seeing that section, click the green button below.

Let’s talk about Global Travel Companion

It gives you the opportunity to talk to anyone in a foreign country, landline mobile, keypad mobile for free without spending any money.

This article is only for the fact that it is necessary to use the play store Global Travel Companion application available through a reliable website.

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