What Is Self Destructing Text Messages

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Through this web article we are going to discuss what is Self Destructing Text Messages, all the additional information about it is clearly available in our web article and you can find some applications about it here, taken from the Play Store, the official web site of those applications. We also know what the Self Destructing Text Messages method is used for and whether you are interested in learning about it for better or worse, so read our website article carefully.

What is Need for Self Destructing Text Messages?

Nowadays everyone shares their information through mobile, which includes photos, videos, voice SMS, etc. When we send a few things to our friends, relatives or work related employees, there is a fear that it might be stolen.

And we often have doubts about what will happen if they open it frequently or if their family and friends open the information we send on their mobile, Self Destructing Text Messages applications like these have been created just to help you in this matter.

Best Self Destructing Text Messages App

When you send an SMS using this type of application your information can only be opened once by others and may require some password for them to view it and share it with those you have created. Sometimes, when we share information, even if someone other than that person picks it up on the mobile phone, they will not be able to open and view the information, thereby ensuring that your information is secure and only visible to who you think you are viewing.

Therefore the security of your information will increase and there are a wide variety of these types of Self Destructing Text Messages applications, however people are more skeptical as to which is the better application.

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Self Destructing Text Messages On Play Store

No matter what type of application we use, it is our duty to protect our information. Often when downloading certain applications from the Google Web Store Play Store you have no need to worry about your security. For example, all applications that are uploaded to Google’s official website are designed according to Google’s recommendation.

So if you’ve probably encountered a good Self Destructing Text Messages application, we have selected and given below an application from Google’s official Play Store with a good intention to help you in this matter as well. After reading the full details of the application, you can use the application at your own discretion.

What Is Self Destructing Text Messages

Play Store Details Of Self Destructing Text Messages

App Size6.4M
12/2021 Nowadays Installs10,000+
Offered ByRodomnia
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
AddressRodomnia GmbH Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 15 D-97076 Würzburg
How To UseApp Use

Ramnia is a self-destructing text message app android and file upload service. You can send messages and files via a special link that can only be opened once. The app does not need to be installed on the recipient’s device to access the message or file.

The messages and files are securely encrypted with military-grade encryption (AES-256) inside the app. Once they have been uploaded to the server they are kept in the RAM temporarily. Shutting down the server would result in losing the current data forever.

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Strong Encryption: Every message is encrypted with an individual key inside the app and then transferred by SSL. We utilize AES with a key length of 256 bits for the client-side encryption. This method has been adopted by the U.S. government and is now used worldwide.

Temporary Data Storage: The data is stored on our servers in the RAM temporarily and will be deleted automatically after a certain time frame. Shutting down the servers would result in losing the unread secrets forever.

Platform Independent: Romania works on the most common browsers and operating systems

how do you send self-destructing text messages

  1. First download this application from the official website of Play Store using the link below
  2. Write secrete message and/or select file(s) for upload
  3. Click “Create Secret”
  4. Copy the link and share it with your recipient
  5. If you have any more doubts, youtube video has been created for this, you can get more information by watching this video

Your recipient can only click the link once. Afterward, the message is destroyed forever. A second view or visit is impossible because we don’t only flag the data that it was called but we also delete the whole message and its attached files forever!

What Is Self Destructing Text Messages app

Derrick Marlone: I’d purchase and also give it a five-star if you would add a screenshot blocker and also introduce a lifetime purchase. and not to forget the recipients shouldn’t be able to copy messages and files sent until then I’m gonna hit the Uninstall button. Sorry.

We hope you know how to share information securely when sharing information with others on social media, and this may resolve some of your concerns. I ask you to revisit our website for future good web article

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