Mobile Backup Restore For SMS, Call, Contact, TrueCaller

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Do you want to record all the transactions that take place on your mobile? Do you sometimes reset your mobile but miss your old data? This article will be a great article to help you in this regard. You can save all the contacts, Specific contact Log, Call Log, SMS backup, Call Log Statistics, SMS Statistics, Truecaller Data on your mobile through Google Drive or DropBox. All of the information is available in our web article, so get ready to travel with the article and we will try to give you a pleasant experience.

What is the Importance of Mobile Backup Restore?

Most of the time we need many things on our mobile, but we forget to store it, sometimes we can keep saying SMS, Call, Contact, TrueCaller on our mobile, many things we forgot to record, we can get back the things that were mistakenly deleted even though we had registered We will try harder because all the information will be needed for something.

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Best Backup Restore App

In this article, we are going to look at a great application that can store important information on your mobile. The reason is that as we have discussed above no matter what the vain testimony, practice keeping all things safe as agreed to the sentence that minor crunch will help toothpick.

We have selected a great Backup Restore application that can help you in this matter, that application is taken from Google’s Play Store, all the additional information about it can be found directly in our web article directly from the Play Store, after reading them all, if you like it by choice You can use.

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Mobile Backup Restore For SMS, Call, Contact, TrueCaller

Backup Restore App Details Of Play Store

App Size27M
01/2022 Nowadays Installs5,000,000+
Offered ByDayDreamer LLC
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
AddressMeldenssohnstrasse , 04109, leipzig Germany

Now you can get XML or PDF backup of almost everything (Contacts, Specific contact Log, Call Log, SMS backup, Call Log Statistics, SMS Statistics, Truecaller ) and you can instantly save these backups in email, Google Drive/ DropBox or save them on any cloud location/where ever you want. Backup and Restore feature is available for SMS and Call log in addition to PDF backup which is available for SMS, Call Log, Contacts and statistics.


1. SMS Backup & Restore/ Favorite SMS Backup into PDF

E2PDF is a very simple but highly productive app that allows you to take SMS backup of conversations of your loved ones and then never lose that again. You can either restore them or can take PDF backup. All you have to do is to select the conversation and before taking backup in PDF, the whole conversation appears on your screen, you will enter-output file name and with one click backup will be created. The generated backup file can be stored on the local drive or in email and can be instantaneously shared/ save in a cloud location.

So with E2PDF, you can take

  • SMS backup of your friend’s conversation for fun
  • SMS backup of your family and loved ones.
  • SMS backup of your business conversation with your partners or contractor.

With this application, users can also perform SMS tracker operations for courts or legal purposes by taking PDF backup in the record and then using the whole conversation later on as per user requirements.

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With the Call Log backup and Restore feature, users can take Call log backup and restore it on any other device. Backup is created in XML format which is also readable. With the PDF backup feature, you can select either to take backup of Dialed, Received, Missed call or take complete Call Log and can use it as per your requirement.


Select any contact and get a PDF backup of the Call Log and detailed SMS conversation/ SMS chat of your loved ones. This Truecaller Specific Contact backup feature allows users to take a call or SMS backup of any specific contact. The Yruecaller feature is completely free. With this SMS tracker feature, users can track SMS or call logs of any contact.


Call Statistics allows you to get statistical information on the number of Dialed, Received, Missed calls and rejected calls daily. In addition, you will also get information on the total call duration of the specified date range.


With SMS statistics, you will get the number of SMSes Sent/Received daily as well as the total number of SMS Sent/Received during the specified time range.


Now you can get your contacts back up with custom features including Contact Name, Contact Number, Email Address.
Orphan email addresses are those which are saved in your device but are not linked with any contact directly.

  • To backup/export Google Contacts to PDF, follow these steps
  • Go to your contacts
  • Select Settings
  • Select Contacts
  • Select your Gmail account whom contacts you want to select.
  • Go back to E2PDF, select “Contact Menu” and follow normal procedure.
  • Google contacts will be exported to PDF and will be ready to save.

PDF is generated using stranded writers so the output file is compatible with almost all known readers including Adobe Acrobat, Nitro, Xodo PDF Reader, Sumantra, Radaee, Preview, Foxit, PDF-XChange and many more.

The output generated file can easily be shared over email, Whatsapp, Wifi-direct, Bluetooth and you can save it directly to your Google Drive or DropBox/ iCloud
“SMS backup and restore” will be available in the next release.
E2PDF following features are completely free
Truecaller backup, google contacts, SMS, phone contact backup.

How To Backup Restore App?

  1. First, use the download link below to download the application
  2. This application may then ask for some permissions to work on your mobile and allow it if you wish
  3. Finally, this application will store all the information that comes in your mobile
Mobile Backup Restore For SMS, Call, Contact, TrueCaller app

We hope we’ve provided you with a clear idea of ​​what we’ve tried to do with this article, so we look forward to hearing from you in the comments box below, and we recommend that you bookmark our website for future good articles.

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