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Many people on our mobile phone will think to talk to us every day, which will include some important calls, i.e. there will be some incoming calls that we only think we need to talk to them about, revealing our secrets if someone else picks it up and there is likely to be a lot of resentment. While searching for many aids to prevent this, we have found that people fail in this, so we have come to offer a better Hide Call App to help in this.

This help is very special, it means that no one but you can pick up the incoming calls on your mobile phone, come and discuss clearly how to do this and the benefits of this.

Why do I need the Hide Call App?

Despite the many things that can be done on a mobile phone, we must always have a mobile phone with us that allows us to communicate with one another and communicate with one another, sometimes letting our friends have access to our mobile phone while taking a shower or going to bed.

If someone else picks up some important incoming calls that may come to us then they will know our information and at the same time, they will know who we are talking to, although this does not create a problem at all, some secret call will create problems when they take it, in order to avoid this in this article Recommend a better Hide Call App.

how to lock my incoming calls?

The Hide Call application is the first feature of this application, it was taken from the Play Store, whereas all the relevant information is given below, do not forget to see the details of this application clearly. Once you know it you can download and use it.

Volume SecretDialer Vault
Hour Minute LockIncoming Call Locker

play store details of the call lock app

18App Size2.2M
RoleIncoming Calls Hider
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered Bydo-IT
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
How To UseApp Use

Hide your incoming calls using your own password & fake background.

Simple & Free

  • Nobody can answer/reject your incoming calls anymore.
  • How to use
  • enable by clicking on Activate service.
  • disable by clicking on the De-Activate service.
  • Edit your password, and click on Update my password to update it.
  • choose a fake background, and click on Select Background.

Important Notes

  • I use a fake background, then you have to press the back button three times in order to show the password box.
  • When you click on the reset button, the password will return to default 0000
  • When restarting your mobile, then you will have to activate the service again.
  • forget your password? then simply restart your mobile and open the app and update your password.
Dialer Vault App Hidden Intruder
Calculator HideCurrent Time Clock
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unnamed 10 9 TN Shorts
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how to install, and use the incoming call app?

  1. Click the link below to download the application.
  2. It is possible to ask for some permission when installing on mobile, it is necessary to know.
  3. Once you know all the information and install it properly, you can now only take and receive all incoming calls to your mobile.
Best Hide Call App

We suggested this Hide Call application to you in the article considering that all incoming mobile calls to an individual need to be secure, so recommend this application to others and encourage your friends and relatives.

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