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Mobile Vault application is very popular nowadays. For example, many things like calculator vault, clock vault, calendar vault have come. However, each one has its own special features.

But all of them can do the same job i.e., some can hide photos, and some can hide video. But with the help of an All In One Vault application mentioned in this article, you can keep all the information on your phone secret without anyone knowing.

For example, you can hide everything from applications to documents. That means you get many features in a single application, and more importantly the main feature of this application is Google Play Store.

And fifty million people have installed it, so we started writing this article in the hope that it will serve all of them well and also for you. More importantly this application has been on google play store since 2014, so imagine how great the application would be.

So, we are happy to recommend you one such All in One Vault application and the possibility to go to Google play store to install it, developer’s comment, additional explanations and the way to achieve it will be clear in this article, so come and enjoy the website.

Play Store All In One Vault App

Play Store All In One Vault App

App WorkAudio Vault
Nowadays Downloads50M+
PublishedGoogle Play
Size14MB Only

According to All In One Vault developer

About the All In One Vault App: Camouflage Your Images, Videos, Applications, Correspondence, and Calls within Your Mobile Device. ENTIRELY GRATIS and UNRESTRICTED

Conceal visual media and audio files from the displayed visual repository, effortlessly accessible via a concealed Personal Identification Number (PIN). Now, sharing your device is a concern of the past, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Concerning the About the All In One Vault Application

The application adopts an astute facade under the moniker of “Acoustic Supervisor” within the Application Drawer. Presenting itself as an acoustic management utility, permitting alterations of audio levels.

However, a prolonged press on the Acoustic Supervisor header activates the veritable Hide It Pro application—an essentiated COVERT ARSENAL encompassing veiled images, videos, correspondence, applications, and more. Concealing images, videos, or any other form of files is achievable within your private All In One Vault Application.

Attributes of the About the All In One Vault App:

  • Application veiled through a completely operational Acoustic Supervisor (Alternate ruses such as the Calculator, etc., are also accessible).
  • Categorization of multimedia into covert directories at your discretion.
  • Cost-free cloud preservation of your documents.
  • Application vanishes from the recent applications roster, eluding tracking endeavors.
  • Library endowed with an amalgamated Slideshow function and options for sharing via WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, etc.
  • Incorporated Video Player, compatible with VLC Player, MPlayerX, and similar platforms.
  • Assorted choices for the locking interface: PIN, Passphrase, or Design.
  • Authentication via fingerprint.
  • Fallback option of an alternate PIN/passphrase for moments of exposure.
  • Inbuilt ciphering tool ensuring the safeguarding of your paramount files.
  • Additional functionalities encompass Secret Discourse, Restricted Messaging/Calls, Confidential Browsing, and Application Lockdown.
  • Omission of the application icon from the mobile device’s application drawer, and more.

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A plethora of supplementary functionalities include custom exhibition sequences, grouped deletion, distribution, revelation, inter-album data migration, and personalized arrangements of documents and directories to your inclinations, among other features.

Kindly forward any complications to our email address ([email protected]). In instances of flawed installation, a reinstallation typically rectifies 99% of the predicaments.

All In One Vault App For Android

All In One Vault App Download

The chance to download vault application is available through google play store, the chance to go there is available to you in our website article, which we have given in two ways for understanding and take advantage of it. It’s just below waiting for you.

The first option is to read the information provided in the article or read the frequently asked questions below if you need additional information. If you are satisfied with all this then you can directly go to install Google Play Store from here, for that go to this Section.

The second possibility is that the developer who created it has given explanations about it in the Play Store, for those who think that they can install it after looking at it, we have given the information collected from there without change in a section, so the possibility to go to that section is also given in our article, it is in the button below and you can get it.

Frequently Posed Queries for All In One Vault

Although we have given a lot of information in the article, we feel that you may have some doubts related to the application, so we have attached some specific questions and answers below, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment list:

What precisely embodies the All In One Vault application?

The All In One Vault application stands as an extensive mobile vault app accessible via the Google Play Store.

It furnishes a unified platform to obscure various categories of data, encompassing imagery, videos, applications, and official records, ensuring confidentiality and fortification on your mobile gadget.

How does the All In One Vault application function?

The All In One Vault app empowers users to securely cloak and safeguard delicate data by employing sophisticated encryption methodologies.

Users can seamlessly sequester apps, official papers, imagery, and videos, assuring their concealment from prying gazes and accessibility solely through the application.

What array of attributes does the All In One Vault app proffer?

The All In One Vault application extends a broad spectrum of traits, including:

Concealing Applications: Camouflage any deployed applications on your apparatus.
Photographic and Videographic Repository: Dependably secrete and safeguard photographs and videos.
Record Repository: Cautiously conceal critical documents and files.

Is the All In One Vault mobile app accessible sans charge?

The availability of the All In One Vault application could fluctuate based on its pricing structure on the Google Play Store. Peruse the application’s page on the Play Store for particulars regarding pricing and any in-application procurements that might be applicable.

How many individuals have executed the Android All-In-One Vault application?

Up to the present moment, the All In One Vault application has garnered installation by in excess of fifty million users, underscoring its favor and reliance amid a considerable user cohort.

How lengthy has the All In One Vault application been present on the Google Play Store?

The All In One Vault application has held a presence on the Google Play Store since the year 2014, signifying its entrenched existence and dependability over the years.

Feel at liberty to tailor and elaborate upon these inquiries in accordance with the specific attributes and intricacies of the All-Encompassing Repository application.

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