Revamped Retro Launcher: A Nostalgic LG Experience

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Credit: All info’s collected by play store, for better understanding

Nostalgic LG Experience

Timeless LG Launcher: A Retro Revival for Nostalgic Delights

App Size7MB
Nowadays Installs1K+
Released onNov 13, 2022
Offered ByTaTa
  • Launcher LG with the interface goes back to the old LG launcher for android.
  • Launcher LG old is an application with an interface almost like the old LG, where almost everyone has experienced before.
  • You can press the number to jump faster if you are too lazy to press the next button.
  • You can set the wallpaper by sharing and getting it back from the app.
  • You can try to shortcut the app so you can access it faster.
  • You can get notifications from this old LG launcher, and you can hide apps you don’t want to show to others. Has almost full functionality of an old LG launcher.
  • This application specifically asks for admin rights if you want to lockscreen.

Nostalgic LG Experience App

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy


  1. Long click number 1 -> 6 to open app shortcut (top view).
  2. Touch number keyboard with number 0 -> 9, *, # to call or save contact, message.
  3. ONLY click button keyboard, not action screen home, alien.


  • Can change wallpaper, synchronize wallpaper, or set wallpaper with shared image.
  • Edit shortcut app when choose shortcut app, it shows at HOME.
  • Hide apps if you have not seen them.
  • Change brand name with keyboard bottom.
  • And change launcher default if you do not use our app.
  • Video tutorials for newbies, you can learn using our app.
Nostalgic LG Experience


  • Can select app with click “OK”, you only can move select with function keyboard.
  • Click “Option”, you can hide or add shortcut app, open app, and app information.

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