Recover WhatsApp Chats: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Disclaimer: All the information seen in this section is mentioned by the developer of this Recover WhatsApp Chats application in play store and we have given it without modification from there.

No one has the right to change the reason given without change, only the Creator has the right to do so. Maybe in the future if there is any update we will be obliged to link it as well.

Let’s go through the article and thank the developer and Google Play Store for releasing this Recover WhatsApp Chats application.

Retrieve Your Lost Conversations with Ease

Retrieve Your Lost Conversations with Ease

App Size11MB
RoleDeleted Messages RecoveryRecover Deleted SMS
Nowadays Installs1K+
Released onNA
Offered ByDevelopment Colors

WaRemoved detects modifications in your device’s notifications and files so that you never miss a thing in your favorite messaging applications.

WA Removed creates backup copies of your files and notifications temporarily so that you can access them if you need them and also informs you of changes.

If the application detects a change, editing of a notification or deletion of a message, it will notify you so you can know what has happened, either by a deleted message, by a deleted file or by some application showing important information.

WaRemoved does not send your information to external servers, your notifications and files will only be saved on your phone. WaRemoved will also not save all notifications, only those whose apps you manually select.

This way your messages and files remain safe and available to you on your phone. We have created a configurable installation tool full of learning algorithms that allow it to adapt to the needs of each user, saving only what is really needed.

Safely Recover Your WhatsApp Chats

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
AddressCalle Xoan Manuel Pereira, 48 Redondela, Pontevedra 36800 España

The main functions of WA Removed are two:

First of all, WA Removed creates a notification history, only for the applications you want and detects modifications in them.
The second main function of WaRemoved is to temporarily create backup copies of your files.

To do this, it automatically accesses the folders on your phone. When it detects a file deletion, it saves it and makes it accessible with a history of deleted files. So, you can recover files deleted by mistake.

Don't Lose Your WhatsApp Chat How to Back Up and Restore

What does WaRemoved do?

Create temporary copies of files automatically.
Scan folders for deleted files.
Offers a window for viewing all deleted messages.
Easy to set up.
Save a history of the notifications you choose.
It detects changes in notifications and alerts you to it.
It has a tab for each application with the notification history.
Search system by groups of notifications.
Learning algorithms for a more precise and easier installation.
Fully configurable, customize the app to your liking.
When copies of your files are not needed, the duplicates are automatically removed.

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