Magic Notch: Add Notch Shortcuts to Your Notch for Easy Access

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Usually, if we want to access something immediately on mobile, we go through a lot of effort, that is, when using the mobile touch screen, we see (open) every application and every option after doing a lot of touch.

But you know we need some options that we use frequently, maybe even some settings. For example, if you need to take a screenshot right away on your phone, open WhatsApp right away, or access something right away then you need a great helper.

True, that helps, and without any floating icon, instant access to anything without (Android floating icons) stopping is a highlight.

Yes, if you need to create any short cut then you need to hover some floating icon on the front part of the mobile i.e., the front part of the display and only then you can access it.

But one of the best Notch Shortcuts applications that you are about to see right now will give you the best opportunity to touch the Notch area on your phone without any issues, and that opportunity will be the best you can think of. And you can adapt it to whatever option you think, or application, settings, etc.

TnShorts magic notch
TnShorts magic notch

Is it Such a Great Notch Shortcuts App?

Let’s see, what you will see is that more than one lakh people are using it till now and more people are likely to install and use it in the future.

The reason is that the size has caught everyone’s attention, and the important thing is that it has only four MPs. And it’s just released on the Google Play Store.

This means that it was only a few months before this article was published (The application was released on June 21, 2023) and by then it had been downloaded and used by more than a million people.

How Does Notch Shortcuts App Work?

This Android Notch shortcut is a very special application, a shortcut application that gives you access right after connecting.

That means you can access any option you use frequently on your phone with a single tap on your launch pad to instantly send it to you without any hassle or hiding.

This means that it does not require any floating icon on the home screen, and you can immediately access that area. That’s why most people prefer it.

Touch The Notch
Play Store Touch The Notch App

Notch Out: The ultimate app for customizing your notch

App WorkShortcuts, Notch
PublishedGoogle Play

Notch Shortcuts App Download

Downloading Notch Shortcuts for android app is very easy, you can directly go to download and use it. Google play store provides that opportunity and you can get the best opportunity to go there through our website article.

No problem, that opportunity is best provided for you below. So just scroll your phone a little further and automatically you can reach that area.

Main Feature Of Notch Shortcuts App

The interactive camera hole features are divided into the following categories:


  • Capture a screenshot.
  • Easily enable the camera flashlight to use your phone as a torch.
  • Access the power button menu.


  • View minimized app icons aligned horizontally next to the notch.
  • Open the camera.
  • Launch a selected app.
  • Access the recent apps menu.


Quickly dial your favorite contact or make an emergency call.

  • Toggle automatic orientation.
  • Activate “Do Not Disturb” mode.


  • Scan QR codes.
  • Initiate automated tasks.
  • Browse your preferred website.


  • Adjust brightness between predefined low and high values for indoor, outdoor, or day/night usage.
  • Toggle the sound ringer mode.


  • Play or pause the currently playing music, similar to pressing a headset button.
  • Skip to the next audio track.
  • Go back to the previous audio track.

Download option

We are committed to providing the best Notch Shortcuts install option and we have provided it below, take it:

First chance: First chance is to go directly to google play store from this article, if you want to go like that then you have to like more than one lakh people like this Notch Shortcuts application (trust google play store) and click on this part for that.

Next chance: The second chance is to directly go to Google play store after seeing all the options future and facility said by the developer of Notch Shortcuts application, that part is also given in our website article, people who need it click the green button below immediately.

Notch Shortcuts
Notch Shortcuts App

F&Qs Of about Notch Shortcuts App

Having seen the clear explanations in the article, in an attempt to clear the doubt in your mind, we have provided some question and answer below, which is also made with the intention of being helpful, so I request you to spend your precious time reading it as well:

What is the Notch Shortcuts App, and why is it important for mobile users?

The Notch Shortcuts App embodies a tailored shortcut marvel for Android smartphones, granting users a pathway to swiftly reach cherished choices, applications, and configurations by a gentle tap within the notch’s domain on their mobile screen.

This transcendent innovation elevates accessibility by obliterating the necessity for hovering icons, unfurling a realm of instant gratification with unfettered reach to yearned functions. It’s like a bridge to convenience, beckoning at the tap of a finger.

How does the Notch Shortcuts App work?

The Notch Shortcuts App functions as a shortcut application, granting immediate access to desired options or applications when users tap the notch area of their phone’s display.

It provides a launch pad for quick and effortless navigation, allowing users to execute actions like capturing a screenshot, enabling a flashlight, accessing the power button menu, viewing minimized app icons, and more with a single tap.

What are the main features of the Notch Shortcuts App?

The key features of the Notch Shortcuts App include:

Actions: Capture a screenshot, enable flashlight, access power button menu.
Access: View minimized app icons, open camera, launch selected app, access recent apps menu.
Communications: Dial favorite contacts, make emergency calls.
Modes: Toggle automatic orientation, activate “Do Not Disturb” mode.
Tools: Scan QR codes, initiate automated tasks, browse preferred websites.
System: Adjust brightness, toggle sound ringer mode.
Media: Control music playback (play, pause, skip, go back) similar to headset button actions.

How popular is the Notch Shortcuts App?

The Notch Shortcuts App has gained significant popularity, with over one lakh (100,000) users currently utilizing it.

It was released on June 21, 2023, and within just a few months, it had been downloaded and used by over a million people, indicating a growing user base and widespread adoption.

Why do users prefer the Notch Shortcuts App?

Users prefer the Notch Shortcuts App due to its efficient and seamless access to frequently used options without the need for floating icons on the home screen.

The application allows users to tap the notch area directly, instantly accessing desired functions and enhancing user experience by providing a smooth and hassle-free navigation process.

Let’s talk about Notch Shortcuts article

As for this Notch Shortcuts application, a shortcut application can help you reach a desired area. For example, if you want to access something like an option or application on your phone with a single touch (i.e. a single touch), it can be tolerated if you want to access an option with a single touch (i.e., a single touch) rather than opening an option with multiple touches.

So, it makes your work very easy and helps you to access a thing faster so that you can open a thing without giving your phone too much work.

Importantly, this increases the lifespan of the phone and saves you time. In addition, we recommend this Notch Shortcuts application to you after using it (after gaining these experiences), you can recommend it to your friends and benefit from it. Our best wishes to you, and want more info, please see the YouTube Video here.

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