Round Compass Vault: Gallery Locker

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This will be a great website article for those who want to hide the information stored on their mobile. Yes, you are going to do this with one of the best Compass Gallery Locker applications selected by the Google Play Store.

Many such whatsapp applications are recommended in our TnShorts website article which you can also visit. At the same time this Gallery Locker application is released from play store following the best policy.

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Gallery Locker App Full Details Collected by Play Store

App Size3MB
RoleCompass Vault
Nowadays Installs50,000+
Released onOct 16, 2019
Offered ByClechilipe
Official WebsiteN A
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy

Compass vault: Hide photos and Videos (Gallery Locker): The compass is used to view directions and the actual vault will be opened when you long press on the center point of the compass.

You can hide gallery photos and videos behind a secret compass using Pincode.

Core Feature:

  • Hide/Lock Photos, videos, and audio files: you can hide photos, videos, and audio files, after hiding in this vault those files will not show in the gallery.
  • Smart & Secure Vault: This vault will show the Compass when the app opens, but when you Tap & Hold on the center point of the compass then Actual vault will be open.
  • Secret Passcode: This vault only be accessed by your secret passcode.
  • Easily Unlock/Unhide files: you can easily unlock or unhide your hidden files back to your gallery.

Compass Vault App List

Compass Vault - Gallery Locker App

How to install it?

We have provided a guide to download this Gallery Locker application on mobile, you can go to the homepage and download it by clicking on a button in the article while continuing to navigate.

How does Gallery Locker App work?

This is a compass application that will show you the right direction when you are standing without knowing the direction. At the same time, it helps you to hide your documents without showing them to anyone.

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Compass Vault - Gallery Locker
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Let’s talk about mobile Gallery Locker!

We will recommend several Android applications, all of which are found in the Play Store. In that way, this compass vault application is also used to keep your information safe from others.

So below we have given our opinion and information taken from the play store, see all and then use only if you like, otherwise, visit other applications in our website article.

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