Clock Vault: Your Secure App for Storing Private Files

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Note: All information seen in this section is taken from Google Play Store and provided as it is, it is important to make understanding for those who come to download this Clock Vault application.

However, it is necessary to thank the developer of this Clock Vault application for the information in this section, and we also thank the Google Play Store for publishing this application.

Clock Vault Your Secure App for Storing Private Files
Clock Vault Your Secure App for Storing Private Files

Clack Vault: Your Secure Digital Hideout

App Size11MB
Nowadays Installs1M+
Released onMay 5, 2017
Offered ByQuick PhotoEditing Apps

Lock Your Photos, videos and file – Timer Lock – Clock vault to hide pictures, hide photos, hide videos and use app lock secretly inside app. Amazing And Unique Way to Lock your phone with Lock screen – Time Password.

Timer Lock – Hide Pictures, Files & App lock. Best Security app for your private photos and video. Secretly Hide Photos and videos Behind Working Clock. Secret Gallery clock vault to hide photos, hide videos, file locker

Timer Lock integrates a powerful vault which comprehensively protects all the backed up photos and videos in it, while offering unmatched usability.

Prying eyes Know which App lock you are using and may uninstall to break your security. This Clock Vault locker is designed as simple Clock.

Timer vault: Gallery Lock app open only by secret time that is set by you other wise it functional as simple clock. This way no one knows your mobile had installed gallery lock and you can secretly hide pictures to keep safe from others by this Smart clock.

A high-security vault for photos and videos hidden in a clock With the new Timer Locker app, it is not only a timeless clock with an alarm function but also a high security vault for your personal photos and videos. The vault itself is completely invisible, hidden in the design of the clock.

With the latest security technologies Timer Locker keeps all of your pictures, videos, file, militarily secure, because the entire contents of the vault are encrypted with the strong algorithm.

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PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
AddressGuj, IN

Timer Lock – Photo Video Locker, Secret Lock Features:

  • Import and hide pictures, hide video from the photo gallery.
  • Capture photos and record videos from the camera by this Gallery Lock and hide photos and videos inside the app.
  • Create a new private hidden note with an inbuilt editor inside Gallery Locker.
  • Finger Print Detection will help you to enter into a vault or open an app lock without the need to enter the password in supported devices.
  • Use the restore function from the Gallery locker when you want to show pictures and videos in the mobile gallery.
  • You can manage media by creating, rename, delete folders and files inside the app.
  • Lock Apps by App Lock feature available by both Password Lock and Pattern Lock.
  • Locked apps will not open without a password or pattern lock that is set by you.

Smart App Lock Features:

  • Intruder Selfie: Selfie will be automatically taken of a person who trying to break your app lock security with the wrong PIN or pattern.
  • Show fake content When you input fake passcode.
  • Hide Timer Lock from others by using secret icons.
  • Finger Print Unlock: you can use your real fingerprints registered in your phone to quickly unlock apps and calculators also.

Device administrator’s Permission:

By Start Protection, You will be asked to activate Device Administrator Permission for this app. Timer Lock App uses device administrator permission for the prevention of accidental Uninstallation and nothing else.

To Uninstall this app you need to deactivate the device administrator. You can easily deactivate by Turning off Start Protection from the app or you can go to Settings->Security->Device Administrators from your phone anytime.

You Enable the Device administrator’s Permission for app uninstall protection we confirm that you agree with the Device administrator’s Permission.

Timer Lock - Photo Video Locker, Secret Lock Features
Timer Lock – Photo Video Locker, Secret Lock Features


Allow BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE permission to use Applock so that you can use the app lock feature fast and reduce battery usage.

Frequently asked Q&A

Forgot password. How can I reset it?

To reset the password, you have to open our Timer Lock and enter the 10:10 time on the clock and press the middle button.

It will open a password reset screen with a secret question set by you, answer it correctly and set a new password or press on. symbol button on the screen and it will open the reset screen.

I uninstalled this app and again installed. Can I get my locked pictures back?

You need to unlock pictures before uninstalling. Files are not available in a new install.

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