Battery Charging Animation Download

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Plug in your charger, and the HD battery charging animation app will display various cool animations on your phone screen.

App Size19MB Only
RoleBattery Charging Animation
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+ downloads
Released onDec 9, 2022
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Battery Charging Animation Download

When you plug in your phone charger, an animation appears on the screen. This battery-charging animation features beautiful neon color effects as well as a cool charging animation.

Color charging animation appears when you enable and allow it in the phone settings. By disabling the app’s animation option, you can stop the live battery charging and save your charging battery power.

Using this battery-charging app, users can reduce the on-screen charging animation by double-tapping the screen.

Cool 3D Charging Animations!

All Android devices can charge via Play in this fun battery charging, so there’s no need to keep checking the battery level. We can easily learn about the battery percentage using this live battery charging animation.

Now, there is no need to open the charging animation app manually. Moreover, with this fantastic animation battery software, you can choose a video animation from your phone’s gallery and set it as the charging screen.

Lock screen with neon effect:

Choose from various 3D charging animations or neon color effects. You can use these HD battery charging animation apps to set your phone’s lock-screen background while the phone charger is connected.

With the user-friendly interface, you can make your screen glow by selecting the neon color effects animation after plugging in the charger in this battery charging animation. It gives your phone screen a different touch and a smart look while charging.

Live battery charging animation:

To make your phone screen smart, look, and beautiful, use multiple color charging animation themes and live battery charging. One-of-a-kind animation- alarm charging animation app that allows you to choose your favorite battery animation and place it on your phone screen to make it look more elegant.

From the app settings, you can select from a variety of battery animations and neon effect colors. However, when you plug in your charger, these animations make your screen super amazing and colorful.

Battery Charging Theme:

By using this customized HD battery charging animation app, you can get an appealing appearance for your charging screen as well as cool animation graphics for better charging while listening to music.

Battery Charging Animation contains appealing 3D and HD themes for fast charging lock Screen. So what are you waiting for? Go and install this super amazing battery charging app.

Full battery information:

Our alarm charging animation app includes battery information. You can easily obtain complete battery details such as battery type, capacity, and battery temperature.

This live battery charging app allows you to identify the charger type of your device after plugging in the charger. The battery info feature is free of cost; using this feature, you can get the details about your phone’s battery.

Amazing features of charging animation:

  • Neon effect lock screen – HD battery charging animation.
  • Live battery charging animation – 3D charging animation.
  • Customizable charging animation.
  • Set the alarm.
  • Close charging animation through Single or Double tap.

Note: For those interested, you can also download the “Battery Charging Animation” app.

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