Android Procrastination Blocker [SETTING TIME]

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In today’s age, children and adults alike are addicted to mobile phones and sometimes we feel that there is no way to stop this.

Even then, we cannot keep the mobile away completely, because it starts working too much, and even then, using the mobile at unnecessary moments can be dangerous.

It can be prevented: It will be useful for our children’s future as well, in this article you are going to see the best opportunity to help in this matter, which is a Google Play Store Android Procrastination Blocker application.

  • Best smartphone addiction
  • Android Procrastination Blocker
  • Lockout Procrastination Temporarily
  • View history for study sessions
  • uninstall Un-needed apps
  • Take digital detox!

The best smartphone addiction app is available through the play store, the information taken from there is also given in this website grid, and you will get a chance to see it clearly.

It is important to note: It is important to note that the information collected based on the date of publication of this article, is all collected through the Google Play Store, and it is likely to see some changes in the future.

Important: We recommend all apps to go to Play Store for download, as it is in the interest of users that Google Play Store only places policy-following apps and will automatically remove offending apps in the future.

Play Store Details

App Size17MB
RoleTime Lock
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
Released onSep 18, 2015
Offered ByFor Innovation
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
Address10 Aubrey St, Camp Hill 4152, Queensland, Australia

Android Procrastination Blocker: Break away from procrastination and distractions, boost self-control, and stay focused with a digital detox! – a focusing app for recovering procrastinators.

Like any normal human being, you’ve probably grappled at some point with a mixture of procrastination and smartphone addiction. With smartphones making a huge impact on society in the last few years things have changed for better AND worse. Access to anything is at your fingertips, but this makes it hard to concentrate or maintain self-control.

Are you experiencing issues with self-control? Do you want to stay focused? Would you consider yourself to be a major procrastinator?

That’s why we developed this app – to help curb procrastination, and distractions and maintain focus. Detox is a timer designed to stop you from messing around on your phone needlessly. It can even be used as a way to give yourself a digital detox. As a bonus, the app also includes an uninstaller! You can also view your session history from the History Screen.

Once you start a timer session the app will check your usage during the period and dissuade you from getting distracted by other apps. It’s really easy to start a digital detox, just:

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Choose a time with the pickers.
  3. Hit the padlock-shaped icon and confirm.
  4. Study away, without procrastination and distractions.

Main Benefits

  • You can slowly improve your self-control.
  • It should become easier to stay focused and keep on top of your tasks.
  • You can break free from needless smartphone use.

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How does Android Procrastination Blocker work?

This Procrastination Blocker application will help you control your phone, even if you shouldn’t use it when you don’t need it. You will get a chance to see the related details clearly above in this article which includes many more things.

How to download Best smartphone addiction?

Gesture Lock Screen

You can install this Best smartphone addiction application directly by going to the home page of the Android Procrastination Blocker app, the option and ways to get there are given in our article, which will take you to the Play Store.

Android Procrastination Blocker
Ultra Time LockTime Lock Vault
Time Password ScreenClock Timer Vault

A few words about Android Procrastination Blocker!

Lockout Procrastination Temporarily App is invented to prevent human addiction to mobile and not only that it is the Best smartphone addiction recommended by Google Play Store.

So far 17K people have given their feedback, a 4.3-star rating and more than one million people are using it so far. This very special application can be installed more in the future so use it also recommend it to your friends Follow our website for future best articles

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