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Either you have the volume key or your Android device’s volume hardware keys are broken? Do you want to decorate your volume control and volume panel?

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Rolestyle appstyle volume panel
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Released onMar 18, 2022
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That’s easy, you can manage and decorate your volume panel from the “Volume Control – Volume Slider” app.

With the “Volume Control – Volume Slider” app, you can change the volume up or down from the notification panel.

With “Volume Control – Volume Slider”, you can also decorate your volume panel. Make your volume panel look special.

Volume Control Styles app will allow you to customize multiple volumes like ringtone volume, alarm, media volume, notification volume, etc.

Volume Control – Volume Slider is an amazing app that lets you take control of your device’s volume

50+ colorful volume themes to choose from to decorate your volume slider.

  • Ultra volume control style for Android
  • Display volume slider without hardware keys
  • Personalize your volume control panel.
  • Volume control panel on screen
  • Make your volume panel look special

Main features:

  • User-friendly, clean, neat, small and free
  • Quick setup and smooth controls
  • Adjust the volume quickly with the sliding volume bar
  • Volume Control: Allows you to control the volume in your Android smartphone
  • “Volume control – volume slider” provides many different sliders for volume streams including alarms and notifications
  • Smooth animations. Smooth controls
  • Speakerphone control, sound control, volume control
  • Change volume panel orientation with slide left / right or up / down controls.
  • Set maximum volume vibration for high-profile volume styles
  • Choose different volume slider styles colors and design
  • Control music media volume to set the volume for you

Custom Volume Panel app provides the following core functionality for volume control:

  • Ring volume
  • Notification volume
  • Alarm volume
  • Voice call volume
  • System sound volume

Personalize your volume style:

  • Style the volume panel exactly how you like:
  • Apply the colors you want
  • Change the corner radius
  • Volume control panel position on screen
  • The volume panel shows duration. And more!

Increase the life of the volume keys of your phone with the “Volume Control – Volume Slider” application.

Accessibility Service

  • This app uses Accessibility services.
  • The Accessibility Service is required to allow the volume panel to show when you click your volume buttons.
  • The service is not used for anything else and it does not watch or collect any data.
  • On some devices, when granting the Accessibility Service, a popup may show saying the app will be able to read text you type, including private information. Volume Styles does not read any of this information and does not monitor the text you type. The volume buttons are the only buttons/keys that the Accessibility Service monitors so that the custom volume panel can be shown.

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Note: The app requires permission to run the service in the background. Some phones kill the background service. Those users need to follow the steps mentioned in the app.

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