Your Multilingual Chat Translate App

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The Multilingual Chat Translate App

Your Multilingual Chat Translate App
Your Multilingual Chat Translate App
App Size46MB
Nowadays Installs50K+
Released onMar 5, 2022
Offered ByLiChunWei

Mango Translate is a free-screen translation software that supports translation in more than 100 languages ​​around the world.

Gently drag the immediate translation selection area to make reading easier, no matter which application it is:

Weibo, Tieba, or Twitter, there is no need to switch translation software back and forth, and the text content in the app can be translated for you in real-time, making communication without borders and reading barrier-free.

  • Supports more than 100 languages
  • Offer offline mode, picture translation, photo translation, text translation
  • Translate text on the screen
  • Translate game screen
  • Scan and translate the text on the screen
  • Recognize text on the screen
  • Faster translation
  • Allow copying of translated text
  • Can choose a regional translation

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PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
AddressLane 88, Shengrong Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Main feature

1) Cross-application translation: Use the floating ball to translate in any application, whether it is posted/blog translation, chat conversation translation, or simple text translation, no matter which application: Weibo, Tieba, or Twitter, no need to switch translation software back and forth, instantly for you Translate the text content in the app, making chatting without borders and reading barrier-free.

2) Chat translation: When chatting with foreign friends using various social chat software, the chat content of the dialog box will be translated for you instantly; support dialog box translation, input box translation, and clipboard text translation

3) Text translation: Real-time text translation of phrases and words.

4) Photo translation: Take a picture and press the button to automatically recognize and translate the text in the image, can recognize more than 100 languages, and make foreign travel no longer a dream

5) Image translation: Select the picture in your phone for recognition and translation

6) Offline translation: Translate even in offline mode without network restrictions

7) Game translation: Gently tap the screen to play foreign games, language is not a barrier to interest

8) Suspended translation: Drag the floating ball to the text that needs to be translated on any application or webpage, and the target translation will be displayed instantly. Double-tap the floating ball to activate the “full-screen translation” function and enjoy smooth full-page translation.

Universal Any Translate Your Ultimate Multilingual Companion
Universal Any Translate Your Ultimate Multilingual Companion

Accessibility service API usage statement: Our software uses the accessibility API to identify and read interface data, and then translate it into the desired target language according to your settings. It will not collect and/or share personal or sensitive data, please use it with confidence.

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