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Have you faced a problem with your device privacy? And do you want to secure your device more carefully? To boost your mobile phone security voice screen lock app is a great option. This screen lock app allows you to screen lock and ensure your personal information makes more private and secure.

You don’t need to use the nominal method of locking and unlocking your smartphone device using a pattern, pin, and password. Let’s protect your smartphone from the touch of intruders with a voice lock.

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Released onAug 16, 2023
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The voice screen lock is the modern way to unlock your smartphone!

With the phone screen lock security app, you can use voice commands to lock and unlock your smartphone. This voice lock 2023 also allows you to set pattern and pin code screen lock.

With voice screen lock you can customize the default Lock Screen and set the different Lock Screen password on your smartphone.

If your voice lock password does not match then voice Lock Screen 2023 has the alternative option to unlock your smartphone, so don’t worry about that.

These are the some of voice lock features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple lock option for screen lock
  • Set Voice screen lock
  • Set PIN & Pattern Lock for screen lock
  • Security question for screen lock password recovery

Voice Lock for Screen Lock Unlock enhance your privacy and protect your device data with the voice protection screen lock. Lock your device and speak to unlock your phone. So, now you can easily lock your device with a voice, and the lock opener will open the screen lock by voice.

With voice screen lock you can also set alternative PIN screen lock & Pattern screen lock for your mobile lock screen. In some cases, you forget the Lock Screen password and then unlock it with safety security questions.

How to Set Voice Screen Lock?

First, allow the required permission.
Tap on the mic button to record your voice.
Verify the voice into text which you speak when recording the voice lock password.
Write the security question answer for recovery.
And Set voice lock on the screen lock.

Voice Screen Lock to Unlock App Download


  • If multiple attempts are made to unlock your device, and your voice Lock Screen doesn’t match your password, it will not open.
  • If you want to unlock your voice lock device then you can use the security answer option to unlock your device.

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