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Record your voice, apply effects, and share them with your friends!

Change your voice and have fun listening to your modified voice! Record your voice, apply effects, and share them with your friends.

App Size58MB
RoleVoice App
Nowadays Installs100+
Released onDec 12, 2023
Offered ByPrimeStudio
  • Voice Editor to Change Your Voice
  • Various Voice Effects and Audio Effects
  • Listen to great music with a bass booster.
  • Change Voice App for Audio
  • Change Voice App for Video
  • Set Voice Sound as phone ringtones

Record and change your voice directly. Save the recording file with high-quality sound.

Key functions & audio effects of Voice Changer App

More details related to the application are attached below:

Voice Recorder – Sound Recorder:

  • Easily record voice mod whenever and wherever possible to convert voice
  • Record your voice yourself with just one touch, edit sound effects directly from those recorded voice or sound files, and apply more sound effects quickly
  • High-quality clear audio recorder online and change

Amazing Sound Effects:

It would be best if you put on the correct “accent” for the voice transformation to work properly. Try to make your voice sound like the target voice, and the engine will add some effects to make it sound real.

Another random tip: You’ll need to talk relatively slowly if you’re using any of the “echo-ey” voices, otherwise the echos will make it hard to understand.

Various voice effect sounds: Female to male voice changer or reversos, robot voice, change voice with different special effects: Normal, Baby, Animals voice changer, Ambient sounds (Bar, Cave, Rain Sounds…), and diverse voice effects (Ghost Voice Changer, Alien Voice Changer, Drunk Voice Changer…)

Import audio recorded or open music from files: Import pre-recorded sound to use various effects and listen to music with a bass booster.

Voice Editor:

Voice editing, voice recordings, and processing or you can open music to edit voice mod and sound music effects: change volume, adjust speed of sound (fast or slow). Change echo of sound and volume level: low/high/clarity

Text to audio – text-to-speech conversion

  • Unique voice changer: Automatically convert text to voice easily when chatting so you can troll friends with secret texts, message
  • Super voice changer- AI Generate: Create voice text sounds for the global user experience.

Voice Changer can make your voice deeper, real-time voice changers, sound effects, and voice memes for Discord, gaming, or live streaming.

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