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Are you tired of frantically swiping up to get back to the upper of the page?

App Size7MB Only
Nowadays Installs100,000+ downloads
Released onJun 30, 2022
Offered ByDo It Myself

TapScroll makes it easy to scroll to the upper of the page, with just one simple tap: a quick tap at the status bar (upper of the screen)

To try this, open an app with a scrolling page, such as a web page, Mail list, or a long document, and swipe as you normally would to scroll down a bit.

When you want to go back to the upper, tap once at the upper of the screen (tap the status bar), and TapScroll will quickly bring you to the upper of the page.

TapScroll also supports many other gesture operations such as:

Double Tap: at the upper of the screen (Double Tap on the status bar) to scroll to the bottom of the page

Long press, swipe left, swipe right: with actions such as: show power off dialog, back, return to Home, Recents, toggle flash, expand notification, expand quick setting.

Use TapScroll and you’ll Stop having to frantically swipe up to get back to a website’s navigation menu or view your latest emails.

If you keep this function in mind and use it often, or as a habit, it will save you a lot of time, not having to repeat scrolling up and down continuously.

Note: This application requires Accessibility Service to support clicking on the status bar to scroll the page or quickly enable other options. We always make the app better every day. Please share with your friends to support us. Thank you!

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