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Pika! Super Wallpaper is an extremely visual experience. The wallpaper can also be an immersive 3D interactive super wallpaper APP for games.

Super shocking 3D wallpapers of stars, snow mountains, cars, robots, pets, etc. give you the most shocking mobile wallpaper experience.

App Size8MB
Nowadays Installs1M+
Released on10 Aug 2021
Offered ByPika! Studio

The date, time, and wallpaper are set immediately, and the super-dynamic content is displayed in real-time.

The dynamic picture is cool and cut into, the static wallpaper is beautiful, and many wallpapers are waiting for you to switch.

  • Charging animation settings, charging can summon beautiful animations.
  • Dynamic and static are two categories, various types of themes are rich in content, and have unlimited visual enjoyment.
  • Each wallpaper makes creative interactions based on the theme characteristics. The original wallpaper can also be used as a game.
  • The wallpaper is cut in and presented on your screen from different angles and positions, fully showing you in front of your eyes.
  • One-key preview, one-key setting, high-quality operation experience for immediate use.
  • There are multiple setting modes for you to choose, from to create a wonderful mode that best suits you.

The most dazzling and wonderful wallpapers are waiting for you to use, Pika! Super Wallpaper welcomes you!

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