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StandBy Mode Pro: Elevate Your Charging Experience
Play Store StandBy Mode Pro

Play Store StandBy Mode Pro App Download

App Size7MB Only
RoleHome Barstyle app
Nowadays Installs100K+
Released onJun 6, 2023
Offered ByZetabit Tecnologia

Introducing StandBy Mode Pro. This app turns your phone or tablet into a Smart Display while it charges. It can also run over your Lockscreen. So you can plug your phone whether it’s locked or not it will start StandBy mode.

This app brings the elegance and functionality of StandBy Mode right to your fingertips. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Material Design 3 and smooth animations that make it stand out at your desk or bedside.

Main Features

Duo: Double the productivity with widgets on both sides. Customize and combine widgets for a more efficient workflow. Add, remove and rearrange to fit your needs.

Night Mode: a feature that, when activated, applies a red tint to Widgets. This allows for seamless usage in low-light settings, minimizing sleep disruption and excessive light emission. It can also be scheduled with start and end time and customized for your liking.

Player Widget: Take control of your music with a mesmerizing album cover and background gradient. Enjoy music from your favorite apps (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube Music and more)

Photo Clock & Calendar View: Showcase beautiful images alongside clock and date information or highlight the current date with our Calendar View. This feature uses AI to improve the crop of people.

Schedule: Stay organized with a glance at your calendar events.

Weather: See the weather forecast with 2 beautiful widgets

Fullscreen Timer & Analog Clock: From timely reminders to classic elegance, our fullscreen timers and clocks add sophistication to your Android experience.

Solar Watch: Beautiful combination of gradients shade that will move around the day and get darker during the night following the never ending circle night and day.

Fun Clock & other digital Clock: Effortlessly keep track of time with Fun And digital Clocks with subtle animations

Edge-to-Edge Screen Widgets: Set up multiple phone widgets to suit your lifestyle and preferences. Organize your screen effortlessly and elevate your productivity in ways you never thought possible.

Aesthetic Widgets: Express your style with side-by-side Aesthetic Widgets that complement each other beautifully. Personalize your Android experience like never before.

Burn-in protection: Don’t worry about keeping the app open for a long time

Enhance Your Charging Experience:

Quick Launch: Seamlessly access StandBy Mode Pro when charging your phone in landscape mode, ensuring a smooth and effortless transition.

Notifications: Receive handy charging notifications to quickly launch StandBy Mode Pro

Auto Close on Portrait: Enjoy a clutter-free experience as the app automatically closes when your phone switches to portrait mode.

Idle Mode: Keep important information in focus with dimmed widgets during idle periods.

Unlock the true potential of your Android phone and make every moment count with StandBy Mode Pro. Embrace the premium feel of iOS widgets, transform your home screen, and harness the efficiency of a virtual lock screen. Rest assured, this app optimizes battery usage to ensure you maximize your screen-on time.

Discover the perfect iOS standby mode application for your Android device today! Embrace the beauty, elegance, and functionality of iOS 17 with StandBy Mode Pro. Experience Android like never before.

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StandBy Mode Pro App Download

Please note that StandBy Mode Pro provides an in-app experience that emulates the stunning features of iOS 17’s StandBy Mode. Widgets are not placed directly on your Homescreen.

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