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Speak and translate – Language Translator is a voice-to-text (Speech to Text Tamil) and text translator for your translation needs.

This speech translator can help you to translate from any language into your native language. Speak & translate – A translator can support you to solve all your language and interpretation needs.

Simply Speak & Translate Languages will convert your voice into text and also be used as a text-to-speech converter.

Speak and translate app with voice translator & interpreter provides different features. The main features of the app are as follows.

App Size19MB Only
Nowadays Installs10,000,000+ downloads
Released onNov 6, 2018
Offered ByDS & DS

Speech to Text Tamil with All languages translator

The main feature of Speak to Translate – all languages translator with photo Translator app is that it allows you to translate from any language into another language.

Language Translator a speech-to-text translator is an instant translator with a voice that can be accessible to you all the time for language translation.

All language voice translators & interpreters are a voice to voice language translators that provide translation in 150 + languages

Voice Dictionary

Speak and Translate (Traductor) is not only a language translator or text translator, it also provides the feature of a dictionary with voice input for all languages.

In addition, with speak-to-text translation in their native language user can simply type the words or sentences and obtain their translation.

This Speak and Translate – Translator also works as a language voice dictionary and is used for educational purposes or any other purpose.

Text Translator

Speaking and translating all languages also provide a feature of text translation, so the translation is also available through text input.

Users can easily select the desired languages and write text by typing or type text by voice input then click on the translation button & get the result in the chosen language. Through Text to Speech – Traductor user can simply share their translation anywhere.

Photo Translator- Image Translator

Turn your phone camera and obtain the Translation of text on a photo by using image-to-text (OCR) Technology.

All you want to do is place a picture that has machine text on it and translate it with a single click in your chosen language.

The OCR translator will process the text and bring the correct result in the Translation box. When you need a translator or voice dictionary, think about “Speak & Translate – Conversation Translator & Dictionary.

Key features of Speak and Translate – Speech to Text Tamil

  • Dual mics for all languages translator with speech to text Translator.
  • Correct voice recognition for speech Translator.
  • Dictionary for all languages to search words with complete meanings.
  • Support 100+ languages in Language translator.
  • All language translators support Voice to Text and Text to Speech modules.
  • Speech to Text (STT) feature gives translation of voice into text typing.
  • Speak & translate by just tapping on dual mics
  • Share translations with one click.
  • Photo translator- Camera Translator with an image to Text recognition.
  • Text Translator for all Language translators.
  • Daily English phrases.

English to all language Translator (Travel Translator)

We all understand that English is an international language and people from all over the world need to understand it and also need to communicate with English language speakers they are native OR they are using English as another Language in their everyday life communication.

Speak to translate also works as English to all language translators which means you can translate English any word, sentence, and paragraphs by typing OR by voice input into any other language of the world.

  • English to Chinese
  • English to Spanish
  • English to Hindi
  • English to Bengali
  • English to Russian
  • English to Japanese
  • English to Korean
  • English to French, Urdu & Punjabi

Free Language Translator – Speak and Translate App for Students, Tourists, or Travelers. Your mobile is now working as your interpreter, so translate into any language with a free language translator.

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