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Speaker Cleaner App
Speaker Cleaner App
App Size8MB
RoleSpeaker Cleaner & Volume Booster
Nowadays Installs500K+
Released onOct 29, 2020
Offered ByGameLox

Tired of listening music in low volume or your speaker’s volume got low or some water gone in your headphones or speakers? Lots of issues with one solution with the name Speaker cleaner with volume booster.

Your phone accidentally dropped in water, phone survived but water filled in your speakers and you are unable to hear any sound. Don’t think your phone got wasted because we are giving you simple and perfect solution to remove water from your speakers.

This feature work with your headphones as well when accidentally you drop your headphones in tub or in swimming pool and they get wet, you can remove water from your headphones with this speaker cleaner with volume booster app.

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Websitehttps://d7fe354a5.app-ads-txt.com/
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Policy
AddressHouse # 12, Block # 34, Sargodha

Features of app:

  • Speaker water remover
  • Headphone booster
  • Sound booster
  • Music enhancer
  • Easy to use features
  • Bass Booster
  • Volume Equalizer

With the Speaker Cleaner app, you can clean and remove water from the speaker in seconds. This simple process of removing water from the speaker or headphones is very easy to do and has a beautiful success rate. Now clean your speakers or earphones from dust and fix sound to hear music with clean sound. Speak cleaner will remove background noise by cleaning dust and water from your speaker and fix sound.

This works perfectly on your speakers and just with a tap you can remove water from your phone speakers and the different feature in this speaker cleaner with volume booster app is you can clean your earphones or headphones as well. So now listen to music tension free and fix sound with this speaker tuning app.

This app gives you another feature for your speakers that is volume booster. Volume up your speakers or headphones volume with audio booster feature in this app. You can increase volume of your speaker and headphones and listen to music in loud volume. Boost volume of your speakers with one touch and feel the difference in sound.

Speaker cleaner with volume booster app also gives volume equalizer, by using that you can set equalizer for music according to your choice. Volume equalizer gives you easy options to set sound quality and tune according to environment.

This sound booster feature helps you to increase or enhance volume of your phone speakers at max and gives your loud and clean sound to listen to the music. Volume booster works efficiently and within seconds it will boost up your speaker’s volume. Sound booster also works as bass booster and enhance bass of your speaker or headphones as well.

Speaker cleaner with volume booster app give you high and clean sound to listen to the music or any audio from your phone. When you are in rush or in a boring party listen to your music in loud by using music booster and enjoy your own party time. Find your old phone or headphones that you dumped because water went into their speakers, use this speaker cleaner app and remove water from it and make them all new to use.

Now boost your volume with this bass booster and clean your speaker from water with just one tap and impress your friends in group by playing music aloud in your phone.

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