Sign Security: The Ultimate Way to Protect Your Phone

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sing lock

The most secure way to lock and unlock your phone

App Size19MB
RoleDraw Lock
Nowadays Installs1K+
Released onMar 27, 2023
Offered ByDS & DS

Sign Security lock Through you get a new style of screen lock just draw your signature and open the screen.

Signature Lock: Signature also called gesture lock, just draw anything like any number, letter, or whole signature of yours but without picking your fingers when you draw for the signature lock.

Signature Lock: The only way to keep your phone safe from thieves

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official WebsiteNA
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy

Features of signature Lock:

  • When you create the signature first fill in the security questions.
  • These security question features will come in handy when you forget your signature password.
  • When you will fill in the security question then create the signature password without picking your finger.
  • And then just start the service of the signature lock app for seen this signature lock on your device lock screen.
  • Also, set the pin lock if any chances your touch is not working or for any other reason the signature will not work at that time pin lock will be helpful to open your lock.
  • To set the wallpaper just tap on set wallpaper and choose the wallpaper and you can see it in the signature lock background.
  • In the signature lock, there is a clock style you can choose different types of clock styles for your lock screen.
  • If you want to change the security password very easily just give your signature password and then change the signature.
  • You can also change your signature password very easily just give the current signature password and then change the signature.
  • Also, change the thickness of the signature stroke.
  • Also, change the color of the signature stroke.
  • Just make sure when you create your signature then start the service to use this app for the lock screen.
Sign Screen Keep Your Phone Safe with Your Signature

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