Screen Translate App Installation

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Screen Translate App Installation

Android Screen Translate

App Size55MB
Nowadays Installs100K+
Released onNov 11, 2022
Offered ByLiChunWei

Screen translation can translate text directly on the screen, translate and translate anything anytime, anywhere, even when surfing the Internet, playing games, watching videos, or watching live broadcasts, just tap the screen to quickly translate the text you need.

Support more than 100 language translations, covering major languages around the world:

  • Translate text on the screen
  • Translate game screen
  • Scan and translate text on the screen
  • Recognize text on the screen
  • Offline mode available
  • Faster translation
  • Allow copying the translated text
  • Regional translations can be selected
  • Multiple text recognition mode options multiple translation options

More Details Of Screen Translate

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
AddressLane 88, Shengrong Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

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Main feature:

1) Translate on other apps: Translate text directly on the phone screen, chat without borders, and read without barriers

2) Game translation: Translate the game screen, tap the screen lightly, and play foreign games, language is no longer an obstacle to interest

3) Website Translation: Translate web content in real-time

4) Automatic translation: Automatically recognize page text and translate

5) Text translation: Real-time text translation of phrases and words.

6) Photo translation: Automatically recognize and translate text in images, can recognize more than 100 languages

7) Image translation: Select the picture in the mobile phone for recognition and translation,

8) Offline translation: Translate even in offline mode without network restrictions

9) Multiple text recognition mode options: Support Google, Baidu, Microsoft, Youdao, and other OCR recognition

10) Multiple translation options: Support Google, Baidu, Microsoft, offline translation, and other translation methods.

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