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This app transforms the camera hole on your phone into a handy shortcut action button. Use the camera hole as a multi-action shortcut button which provides some Assistive touch and some features offered by Dynamic Island

You can set the action for each action: single touch, long touch, double touch, swipe right & swipe left to the camera cutout/notch of the phone, and perform the action by simply touching the notch

Interactive camera hole functions and Key Features:

App Size16MB
RoleCamera notchShortcut
Nowadays Installs10K+
Released onFeb 10, 2024
Offered ByAndroxus
touch the notch app
touch the notch app (Ply Store Image)


  • Screenshot capture: capture a screenshot with a simple touch. Protects your device’s buttons from wear and tear.
  • Toggle camera Flashlight: Instantly turn your phone into a flashlight/ torch.
  • Open Power Button Menu: Access the power menu easily, some phones have different functions to open the power button menu.
  • Tap Scroll: Perfect scroll makes it easy to scroll to the upper of the page, with just one simple touch


  • Open Camera: quickly open camera.
  • Open Selected App: Directly navigate to your favourite app like a calculator
  • and any payments app or any app which you want to open quickly
  • Open Recent Apps Menu: Easily switch between all the recently open apps.
  • Speed Dial: Make quick phone calls to any selected or emergency contact number.


  • Control screen rotation: Enable or disable screen rotation.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode: Enable or disable DND mode as needed.


  • QR & barcode scanner: the fastest QR code reader and Barcode scanner.
  • Fast Browser: Quickly access your favourite website.
  • Switch Brightness: Adjust screen brightness for different environments, like indoor/outdoor or day/night.
  • Toggle Ringer Mode: Switch between mute, sound, or vibrate modes for your phone’s ringer.


  • Play or Pause Music: Control music playback just like a headset button, and listen to Music and podcasts.
  • Play Next Music: Skip to the next music track.
  • Play Previous Music: Rewind or return to the previous music.


Screen off: top to just lock the screen and protect your device’s buttons from wear and tear.

Accessibility Service API Disclosure:

  • The app uses Android Accessibility Service API.
  • It uses system accessibility privileges of Accessibility Overlay to place an invisible button around and below the front camera cut-out to function as a shortcut for user-selected tasks. No data is collected by the service.

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