Install Sony Ericsson Slider Phone: Embrace Nostalgic Style

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Sony Mobile Ericsson Launcher
Sony Mobile Ericsson Launcher App

Play Store Install for Sony Ericsson

App Size39MB
RoleStyle Home
Nowadays Installs5K+
Released onApr 12, 2023
Offered ByMy Lan

App for users to re-feel the user interface of old Sony Ericsson phones. Sony Ericsson style in your phone with Sony Ericsson Launcher – The user interface of old Sony Ericsson phone.

Turn your phone into a slider phone, you can slide up the screen to reveal a physical keyboard. Slide down the screen to hide the physical keyboard.

Bring a unique style to your phone with the Sony Ericsson Slider Phone. Featured a unique sliding that revealed the keypad when opened.

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official WebsiteNA
Contact[email protected]
Application Policyhttp://

Surprise your friend when your smartphone has a sliding screen. You didn’t hear it wrong, the phone with a sliding screen is real.

The Coolest Features: Slider screen with full app drawer and hard keypad that can make phone calls.
Custom phone themes: You can choose the phone that you like, change the wallpaper, and change the phone name.

Recall Sony Ericsson phone style in your smartphone with the full function of a legendary Sony Ericsson phone: physical key press, antique old interface, call key, and full app drawer. Especially with photography and web browsers of old phone style.

Phone Retro brings back your Sony Ericsson alive with touchscreen capabilities.

Sony Ericsson style phone brings old style phone to your home screens. A launcher app with the Sony Ericsson phone style of the past. Especially useful for those of you who like the feeling of using the old phone style again with the feeling of pressing the hard keys and the small screen above.

Sony Launcher features:

  • Sony Ericsson old phone style theme: Bring Sony Slider Phone home screen style back to your smartphone, a launcher app with the Old Phone style of the past which almost everyone has experienced before.
  • Long press End Call to switch your Default launcher.
  • Press the Menu button to show the app drawer.
  • Phone keypad in your Home Screen: Sony style keyboard – direct dialing with keypad, save number old phone style.

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