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Note: All Input Audio Block App information seen in this article is collected from play store and provided as it is without modification.

It is given without modification to create understanding for those who want to download it, another reason for giving it without modification is that the right to change it is reserved only to the creator, the developer.

However we have taken it from the Play Store for you and you will get the chance to go to the Play Store at the end of the article.

Play Store Details Of Audio Block App

App Size2MB
RoleMic Block » TN Shorts
Nowadays Installs100K+
Released onApr 7, 2017

A microphone blocker is a microphone protection tool. Microphone blockers will disable and block your phone’s microphone and give microphone protection against misuse, unauthorized, and unethical microphone access.

Microphone blocker will block access of microphone to all apps and the whole Android system (NO ROOT REQUIRED).

Privacy protection is very important for every individual. In the Android platform, many applications are available that use Microphone Permission along with Internet Permission.

They might record audio any time in the background without knowing you and may transfer it to the web. Microphone blockers will protect your privacy by blocking your phone’s microphone access.

Microphone blockers need record audio permission to protect the microphone, but the best part of this app is that app itself doesn’t have Internet Permission, so your phone’s microphone is 100% protected with our app.

More Details Of Paly Store Blocker app

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
AddressAkshar Vatika Society, Om Nagar, near Skp School, Rajkot, Gujarat 360004

For free users:

The free version of the app doesn’t have any limit in microphone block protection so free users will get 24/7 full microphone block protection.

Microphone Blocker Features:

  • 24/7 microphone block protection from any type of unethical or unauthorized microphone access.
  • Block and protect the microphone with a single tap on a widget or notification. (Pro feature)
  • Automatic microphone block by certain time intervals.
  • Microphone smart sensor for getting an alert! when a microphone is being used by any app.
  • Microphone access manager to create a white list of microphone apps and allow them to use a microphone. (Pro feature, free version has limited access)
  • Notification app launcher for quick access of microphone to selected apps. (Pro feature, free version has limited access)
  • See the app list that uses microphone permission.
  • See each microphone permission app statistic and probable risk level.
  • Get notified when a new app is installed with microphone permission.
  • No root is needed.
  • Quick and easy to use.

Similar apps list:

Microphone Blocker will Protect Against:

  1. Background and Unethical Microphone Use
  2. Misuse of Microphones by Others
Mobile Mic Blocker App

Most Uses:

  • Block, Disable, Shield and Protect the Microphone against unethical and unauthorized microphone access.
  • Microphone Restriction from children or friends.
  • The microphone blocker will detect all microphone apps.
  • Microphone smart sense feature will keep watch on unethical microphone use.

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