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Start your FREE calls today: True Dialer is a Free highly user-friendly communication app that allows users to make calls to friends around the world using the internet.

It enables users to make free calls to friends worldwide, solving the issue of expensive international call charges in traditional telephone communication.

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App Size66MB
RoleFree Call
Nowadays Installs100K+
Released onSep 28, 2023
Offered ByTrue Dialer Studio

The app supports calling to over 160 countries and regions, and even allows calls to be made when the recipient doesn’t have an internet connection. True Dialer provides high call quality and fast connection speed, ensuring a clear and stable calling experience.

With True Dialer, you can easily communicate with people on the other side of the world in the simplest way possible, without worrying about high international call fees. Whether it’s chatting with family and friends or communicating for work, everything is within your control.

Key Features:

  • Supports calling to over 160 countries and regions.
  • Make free internet calls, even when the recipient is offline.
  • Higher call quality and connection speed.
  • High-fidelity call recording function to capture important conversations.
  • Supports conference calls with up to 8 participants.

Global Calls:

With True Dialer, you can easily make calls to anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. Whether it’s domestic or international calls, it’s all within reach.

This feature helps you save on expensive phone bills and eliminates the need for costly international roaming charges, making your communication more convenient and economical.

Free Calls:

True Dialer opens up unlimited possibilities for global calls. Whether it’s calling domestic numbers or making international calls, it’s all free in True Dialer. Users can earn points through watching various ads, daily check-ins, and completing daily tasks to exchange for free call time.

Premium Call Quality:

True Dialer utilizes advanced internet technology to ensure stable call quality. No matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can enjoy clear and stable calls.

Call Recording:

During calls, True Dialer’s call recording function helps you capture important conversation content. This feature is very useful for occasions where recording is needed, such as business meetings and important family conversations.


While most telecom operators support three-party calls, True Dialer allows up to 8 participants in a conference call. Whether it’s a multi-person meeting or a family gathering, you can easily handle it.

True Dialer – Connecting you to your international friends and family anywhere.

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