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Face App Lock
Face App Lock App Download

Face App Lock App Download

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RoleFace App Lock
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Released onSep 10, 2023
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It is possible to lock your app with face recognition and prevent the intruder even with a device that does not support face recognition functionality.

Face recognition, Fingerprint, App lock, WTMP

It is possible to protect your privacy from face recognition and fingerprint by using WhoRU AppLock.

WhoRU AppLock is an app for protection of personal information and security lock capable of locking an app or photographs.

WhoRU AppLock can lock an app by using face recognition, fingerprint, PIN code, and pattern.

WhoRU AppLock Secretly captures photos of intruders using the front camera.

WhoRU AppLock can protect any of your apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Gallery, Messenger, Gmail, and even Setting, etc.

WhoRU AppLock can prevent your children from purchasing paid games and abuse of in-app purchases (IAP) on the app market such as Google Play, etc.

All of your information and usage logs will be stored only in the local storage of your device and will not be used for other purposes.

Quick and easy with face recognition app lock:

  • Lock your apps with various authentication options such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition (if the device supports it), pattern locking or PIN code.
  • It will block unauthorized access to protect your personal information.
  • No need for PIN and pattern authentication when launching the app.

Capturing the face of the intruder silently (WTMP);

  • Capture intruders attempting to unlock the app.
  • Capable of reviewing the intrusion attempt with captured information such as photo, date, and time.
  • When using face recognition, registered faces are not captured.

Supports various authentication options:;

  • Face recognition
  • Fnd fingerprint recognition (if the device supports it)
  • PIN and pattern

Fake app icon:

  1. Hide WhoRU by changing the icon.
  2. WhoRU AppLock looks like a calculator to intruders.

Prevent uninstall attempts:

Protect WhoRU from manipulation and uninstall attempts.
Prevent forced termination of WhoRU AppLock.

Convenience features:

  • The lock can be set with one click.
  • App Lock can be turned on/off with one click.
  • You can set the app lock interval.
PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Websitehttps://www.whoru.app/
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