Custom Volume Panel App

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Custom Volume Panel App
Custom Volume Panel App

Personalized Volume Control Panel App

App Size15MB
Nowadays Installs50K+
Released onMar 15, 2021
Offered ByVN Solution

Get a new look to your volume panel with a stylishly designed volume bar operator. They are sure to stand out and make using volume control settings very interesting. Many theme-designed volume panels that you can select. Get operators for Music Volume, Call Volume, Alarm Volume, System Volume, and Ringtone Volume from the pop-up window.

Change volume panel orientation with slide left / right or up / down controls.

Custom Design Volume Seek-bar:

  • Custom volume seek-bar design function where user can create their volume seek-bar style.
  • Customize the seek-bar thumb color, size & outline border.
  • Set seek-bar slider corners and colors in solid or gradient.
  • Change the seek-bar panel, icons, and title color.

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Accessibility Permission:

Volume Stylish Panel: Customized’ needs ‘BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE’ permission for the following functions:

Getting access to the volume controller window of any phone and handling all actions regarding it.
To set a custom volume control window with custom themes, custom direction, custom timeout, and custom vertical position.

Beautiful Volume Stylish Panel App TN Shorts

The app’s core purpose is to handle the volume controller window without which the main functions of the app will not work.

We do not collect any user data and do not communicate, transmit or assign any user data to third parties, under any circumstances.

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