Color LED Volume: Personalize Your Phone’s Volume with Color

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Color LED Volume Make Your Phone Stand Out with Colorful Volume Alerts

The Only Way to Make Your Phone’s Volume Noticeable

App Size10MB
RoleStyle Look
Nowadays Installs100K+
Released onAug 12, 2022
Offered ByYenlly Store

Color LED Volume App: Volume Style is a powerful and stylish volume control app for Android devices. It replaces the standard Android volume control with a fully customizable panel that gives you complete control over your device’s sound.

With the RGB-style lighting feature, you can match the color of the volume panel to the look and feel of your device.

The app offers advanced customization options like RGB-style lighting, customization of the volume control panel, and more.

You can also adjust the size and transparency of the panel to suit your needs. With its sleek and intuitive interface, “Volume Control- RGB style” makes it easier than ever to control the volume of your device with style.

We have developed a volume control application that is not only beautiful, and useful but also very good for you, Volume Styles Neon also creates light movement, slider effect, blinking led light, and many animations in Real-time giving you a great experience.

Color LED Volume: Personalize Your Phone's Volume with Color

Customize Volume Styles:

  • Store: More than 999+ themes with different categories like Neon Volume, LED Volume, Lighting Volume, New, RGB, Simple, and Dark updated regularly and free to download.
  • Effect: With RGB Volume Style you can manually choose led, and neon effects, change the RGB color range, adjust the color transition speed, the distance between the color bands, and especially many other running styles. each other is waiting for you to perform the detection.
  • Slider: one of the indispensable adjustments of RGB Volume Style is the slider, in the theme creation screen volume control, can adjust the slider style, thickness, length, slide angle…
  • Background: adjust the background color, border, thickness, and radius to make the volume style special and very cool

Volume Styles:

  • Easily apply any style to your volume slider in just one tap
  • There are many sound icons that you can choose from, and the position of the volume sliders can also be changed.
  • RGB Volume Style provides a lot of sound icons of smartphone operating systems, you can select and change the position of the volume sliders.

Volume Slider RGB:

  • Media volume
  • Brightness
  • Ring volume
  • Cast volume
  • Notification volume
  • Alarm volume
  • Bluetooth volume
  • Voice call volume

This app uses Accessibility services

  • The Accessibility Service is required to detect when you press the volume keys so that the custom volume panel can be shown.
  • It is also used so you can choose which apps you don’t want the custom volume panel to show in.

RGB Volume Styles will see the package name of apps you navigate to so it can see if you chose to hide the custom volume panel in that app. RGB Volume Styles does not collect any Accessibility data other than that mentioned above. No data from the Accessibility Service is stored or shared.

We DO NOT collect, store or use any personal information while you visit, download, or upgrade our products.

Create a custom volume control panel with the RGB Volume Styles app’s unique themes and volume styles.

Chose from a variety of different skins and create a beautiful volume control panel on your phone in a few seconds!

If are you looking for a new experience on your phone then use our Neon Volume Style app with the new RGB sound color range 2023.

Privacy and Security:

We are committed not to collect user information such as card numbers, personal codes, or any other information. Any questions please contact us for answers.


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